Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Dave and I are doing wonderful! We don't have many plans for thanksgiving weekend. We will probably go to our friends house one of the days for a group dinner, but nothing has really been planned yet. Anyone want a Dave and Janie at their dinner??? I have almost forgotten that it is Thanksgiving; the month of september has just blown by. Plus, it is snowing today! We are getting the end of a storm that apparently blew in from Colorado. The snow is not suppose to stay very long, maybe until friday. I am hoping for a sunny saturday, sunday and monday. Maybe that is greedy, but i could really use a sunny, beautiful, crisp Thanksgiving weekend! It is sorta funny to look outside and see snow, it will be even more interesting to go out in it today and wait for the bus.
This fun picture is of Dave and me eating garlic bread at 11:30 at night. A few days ago, sunday evening actually, i totaly had a craving for garlic bread, but everything is closed on Sunday evening and we didn't want to go to a resturant. Instead we waited a few days and then rushed into safeway just before closing and bought garlic bread. Dave says this is my first "late night" craving! Oh, we also bought some ice cream just in case! It was fun, so we took a picture. I feel like my tummy is getting bigger by the week, sometimes by the day. This is a good thing i know; i wouldn't want anybody to stop growing!
I have lots of things on my todo list today so i had better get going on that!

Take Care all


Mom said...

You two look great. Dave, are those monster sideburns you have? - you look justlike your Dad when Mark was a new baby and I've got the photos to prove it! Janie you've done well with your "expansion" so far and I know you eat very sensibly, so don't worry too much about growing bigger. Most of it must be the baby and you will find that you'll get almost back to your normal self by the summer.

Sorry that you've got snow already but we'll all wish it away soon. Its way too early for winter yet.

How are your classes going Janie? Do you find them interesting? Dave I hope you don't get too lonesome while Janie is out. I'll be praying for a place for you do be able to do woodwork so you can produce some more works of art in wood. You are such a talented pair!

Thanks for the "thankyou" card Janie - your'e most welcome. I think a sewing machine sounds like a great idea. You did a terrific job with your skirt and top for M & R's wedding.

Much love, Mom XX

Mom said...

Does anyone want a Dave & Janie at their Thanksgiving Dinner - YOU BET! Ah well, maybe another year - sigh ....

Love Mom & Dad XX

westcoastloon said...

I was thinking the exact same thing as Mom -- I want a Dave and Janie at MY Thanksgiving dinner. We're eating Monday about 3 in the afternoon if you want to stop by. . . . .

Wouldn't it be wonderful? Thinking lovely family-ish thoughts.. .

JAnie & DAve said...

So, i should book a plane ticket to ontario and then we can fly to BC the next day, and then home again to Winnipeg, just in time for Christmas! Done! I really do wish we could be there... i am sorta feeling jealous of my friends that have families in the area to celebrate with. It is hard to have a "friend" get together even because lots of people have families they are already doing stuff with.. leaves a small group of us.. but we will still have fun i hope. I think i am just a little more down about it this year.. Oh well.. giving thanks anyway

purple terry said...

hey kids, i hear that your soon to be having a kid. good stuff. many congrats and prayers from this end. i saw your page on dave and sue's computer, so now that i know you have one, i'll be sure to drop a line or two. anyways, i'm off to vanklinkens for some tv watching. nice sideburns dave.

cam mitchell

Rach said...

Hey, I should've read this sooner. You could have come to Korea. I don't have family here, and few of the other Canadians do either, so "friend get-togethers" are where it's at. Well, technically, it's still Monday morning in Canada, so, head over- I'm sure I can find some extra furniture on a street corner, and we'll be set. There may also be one more turkey left in Korea, although we might have purchased the last one on Saturday. Sorry about that. Love!