Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In cog-Neato!


It is I, Dave Colvinson, once again returning to you through the wonders of cyber-space!

Here is a picture of me after my latest plastic surgery. The surgery part was that I trimmed the mustache. It got in my mouth and tasted funny, so I gave 'er a trimmin'.

What have I been up to lately? Well, I tried my hand at a little wood-working, as some of you know. I've recently been working my way through Megaman X for the SNES, which is challenging yet light-hearted; a bold encapsulation of the struggle between good and evil... which is to say evil robots.... which is also to say (EW! Janie is Gross! she tried to trick me into eating CELERY! Pooph!) which is also to say (EWW! Celery-flavoured kisses! Yuck!) which is also to say something else. I forget. I've also been trying to finish a board game based on my favourite online something, which, if I do say so myself, is truning out pretty darn awesome.

In closing, I loved Corpse Bride. It was so pretty and awesome. Seriously. I can't get it out of my head. I loved just about every second of it. If you liked Edward Scissor hands and The Nightmare before Christmas, then this movie is a must. If you didn't, if you thought they were too weird or something, then the story might be too creepy, I dunno. Janie was concerned that I wouldn't like it, but I was too ENTHRAWLED to note any such problems. The story was really good, the characters engaging and lovable (yes, including the dead ones), and such. But my goodness, the ART was IMPECIBLE. I saw my dreams jobs, all of them, up on screen and wrapped up so beautifully. Stop-motion abso-total-lutely rocks. I'm at a loss to describe the awesomeness. A wickedly wonderous film. Loved it. Two thumbs. Way to go Tim Burton for challenging the social stigma held by Westerns against the dead. Boo-yah.


JAnie & DAve said...

Dave is awesome and cool. And hot. I love dave.
-really Janie

Sue said...

hahaha, janie you rock.

JAnie & DAve said...

hey, i didn't write that.. i just thought it!
-absolutely Janie