Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Growing, Growing, Grown

Hi Friends and Family,

Just a few update pictures here so you know how HOT i am still! SO we are sitting at about 28 weeks, approx. 6 mnths and a like one week along. In a little less than 3 mnths we will have this little baby of ours! Now comes the tougher part of being pregnant. My second trimester i was a blissful pregnant woman, now sleeping is getting a little harder, the baby kicks my bladder lots, my front end is actually starting to feel heavey, i can't bend over the hump like i could a few weeks ago, etc.... Nothing horrible, actually, everything quite
normal i hear! I am glad the baby is growing, and still growing in me at that. Yesterday I saw a picture of a little baby born 3 mnths premature; way too tiny. Poor little baby just looked like it wanted to be back inside the womb. Somebody needed to snuggle that baby is a blankey. I have to be off to work now. Good days to all.


Mom said...


You look great! Thanks for the pictures. The third trimester is different but not awful and does have a great pay-off at the end!

Take good care of you,

Love, Mary XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Who's that lovely young lady in the photos?
And who's wife is she?
That's Right!