Sunday, October 16, 2005

ornage juice

I am totaly bummed out. I am having some orange juice and checking my email and blog and such, and i totaly dumped a bunch on my WHITE shirt. Now i have to pick another shirt to wear this morning. But i picked this one cause i wanted to wear it... Janie and the horrible, terrrible, no good very bad day. Arg... hopefully things brighten up. I am off to church now, in a new shirt..
signing off,

Mad at Orange Juice


Sue said...

i think you would look nice in a splash of orange juice. (i can't call it OJ because of the murder trial of that guy names 'OJ', it just makes me think of drinking him instead of a tall glass of yummy good)

anyway. yeah. hope things brighten up for ya!!!! from sue

Matt said...

hey DAve and JAnie! Well, I have found your blog, and I do plan to come visit you as soon as I get the chance. It'll probably be on a weekend sometime hopefully soon. And I definitely want to help playtest that game!
Take care,

Carol said...

Hmmm where do I start...Ive never done this before...I have to set up an account?...well, lets go!

This is Rachell's mom and I've got to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blogging. I started reading about the time you were moving, and painting.. and i check up on you every so often. So when is babyboo due? Babyboo due say that twice!
I have a favour to ask of you...and for some reason I thought you might just be the ones to help. Rachell is looking for an artile she wrote int the Prov student newspaper,thingy, dave were you the editor of that or something? The artice was Cristian responce to Poverty I you have a copy of that, that you could scan and send her? If so...that would be swell...
Thanks Carol!
Cant wait to see pictures of the baby...well I did see the ultrasound..Its the first one I've ever understood! Bye