Thursday, October 27, 2005


I don't have much to say, but I thought it has been entire too long since one of us posted on here. So I drew a picutre of me at Janie's recent Brownies/Sparks Halloween bash. I went as a crayon, and realized that I love being chased and attacked by children.


westcoastloon said...


I LOVE the drawing on your blog! I have a request -- can you make it so that if you click on the picture it gets bigger? Or are the originals that size?

It's so great to get to see and reads bit of the life of the Clan Colvinson. Makes me feel less far away.

Still practicing my Auntie skills ('cause I'm pretty sure that babies like Aunties who have skills.)

much love and hugs,

Mom said...


You make a GREAT crayon! (I think its the height) I'm so glad that you enjoy being chased by children, I think there's a lot of that in your future.

Love Mom XX

Sue said...

awesome!!!!!! heehee! it sure is fun to be chased by children. :) Julia would like you to stay a crayon, she likes crayons. and orange. were you orange, or was that just the picture? although , watch out, she still eats crayons. yumyum
from us

Rach said...

There's nothing more inspiring than a fresh box of brand new sharp crayons, and then finding the first lady bug of the Spring. Love you guys. I think of you often!!