Monday, October 24, 2005

Free Cycling!

Dave and Sue will be especially proud of us for becoming Winnipeg Freecycle memebers. We haven't seen alot being posted that we need, or want, but we sure can't wait to get rid of stuff. Actually i have someone coming to pick something any time now! How fun!

Sue, do you guys get the "once a day" email of all the posts, or do you let all the emails go into a folder? We have a folder set up, and it sure does accumulate quickly. Any tips or tricks? Well, i have lots of things to get ready for my Brownie and Spark Halloween Party tomorrow night. I have to make jello for intestines, and spag for hair, and peel some grapes for eyes... i love scary type stories... cackle cackle... but not too scary, just silly scary.

- Janers


bre said...

hey guys

janie, i think i'm gonna use this as our personal email communication now 'cause its fun and not personal.

ernie's coming to your shindig tomorrow . . . but i can't. and what about mel j? i don't understand that part . . .

we will miss martha stewart, though, you know.


The Krow said...

fantastic!!!! happy freecycler for a long time now. infact it helped us get setup here when we arrived in edmonton including me getting a guitar :) aaaa freecycle how happy!

Sue said...

hey there janers,
yeah, um we chose the no-email thing. we just check the site every once and a while....however, recieving emails is nice too...we just chose to control when we looked at the site.

enjoy. get and give.
love from sue