Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pigs are Getting Fat

In my elementary school we had to sing a song that went something like this: "Christmas is coming, Pigs are getting Fat, won't you please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny and half a cent will do (very confusing to a young child who then tries to break her cents in half) if you haven't got a half a cent, God Bless You."
Christmas memories! You may be asking yourself why i am cherishing Christmas memories in Early October. Well today Dave and i pulled out our Christmas Decorations in preperation for our upcoming Christmas Party. This saturday anyone is invitied to attend our festivities! It will be silly to have our house all decked out for Christmas, but i think it will also be very enjoyable. Right now i have on a Christmas CD. I just love Christmas music. I have a little more baking to get done... nothing better than Christmas treats, and some cleaning to accomplish before i head off for a short day at work. Merry Ocotober to everyone! All i can think about is paper snowflakes.


Sue said...

that is awesome folks! what a grand idea! didn't you have christmas in july too??? haha. finally someone who can understand the super-early decorating for christmas that i do...which isn't even that early...nov.1. :)

Mom said...

Hi Janie,

We used to sing "the Goose is getting fat" when I was at school. Goose was a traditional Christmas dish in bygone days.

Have great fun with your Christmas decorating and party. You are a fun couple and I hope all your friends appreciate you.

Much love, Mom XX