Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hello all. Dave here again.
I'm feelin' decidedly un-vivacious today. So I drew a little picture. It's me at my desk, in melodramatic greyscale. My favourite part is the sideburns.

One of the priest just said I look tired. But not like population tire. That's different.

This is my first ever "Blogger-break" at work (15 minute Blogger distractions). I think it's helped. Thanks for reading, everybody.


Sue said...

haha, very nice dave! I enjoy the random blurbs from the life of J&D, very entertaining! Keep up the good work.

Mom said...

Hey Dave,

I just caught up with your last 2 blogs - enjoyed the "plastic surgery". Sorry you're feeling "unvivacious" today and hope it has now passed.

So you still don't like celery eh? Well you don't have to like everything.

Did you know that Winnipeg was warmer than Sarnia today? Well it was.

We had a fire drill at school today and we almost forgot to cook the panzerottis because of the interruption in our work day. But I remembered (well that's a first) and saved the day.

We have a new lunch lady who started this week so now I'm not the "new person" and there is someone who knows less than I do - neat!

Much love to you, Janie and BabyBoo too.

Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

not just neat, mom. In-cog Neato! I'm glad to hear things are going well for you, and I hope you don't give the new lady TOO much trouble!
-Dave, of D&J


Mom said...

BabyBoo - well I have to call the child something until he/she's born and named don't I? We called you Precious Plum, Blossom, Squidgit, Sprog and all sorts of weird names.

Love, MomXX