Sunday, October 23, 2005

Snow Lion

I want to share something very special that happened this past week. It started with a dream I had. I dreamed of a giant Lion made of snow, and animals running and playing on him. The dream was soft and sweet, and when I woke up (cutting the dream short) I felt wonderful. I quickly realized that the dream was the last page of my favourite Waiting Room children's book. Doctor Garret's office always had two books that I'd get my mom to read me every time we had to wait there: Stone Soup and Snow Lion, and that second book is what my dream was about. It's a sweet little book about a lion who's too hot in the jungle and travels to the mountains. There he finds this wonderful white fluffy stuff. But when he tries to bring some home to show his friends, it disappears! Where has the fluffy stuff gone?

Oh, how I LOVED that book!

Well, a few days later, Janie and I went to Value Village looking for (what else?) ...values! Janie needed to dress up as a Lady Bug for her brownie meeting on Tuesday and so we checked out some neat stuff for a costume. We also got a red backpack for me and * *** ** ********* ******** for our friend Bre's birthday. THEN, we went to the Children's book section, and what do we find? BOTH Stone Soup AND Snow Lion! The very book I read as a child, the same book from the Doctor's office, and the same book I had the dream about? Now how cool is that!

It was an absolute JOY to read a childhood favourite again for the first time in 10/15 years. The pictures (so Wonderfully painted) and the story dug out such deep memories of times sat with mom in ugly waiting room chairs. Plus, having great books always made going to the doctor's office easier. I would absolutely recommend that if you have access to any of your childhood favourites, dig them out today and relive the wonder!

With fondness and nostalgia,


westcoastloon said...

Hi DAve,

The book I remember most from Dr. Garrett's office was the one about the bear who has a party and everyone brings popcorn and they pop all the popcorn and it fills up the WHOLE HOUSE and the only way to clean up the mess is to eat the popcorn. Great book.

I am also a huge fan of going back to reread childhood favs. If you haven't read The Phantom Tollboth or The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles lately, I highly recommend them.

Much love to you and JAnie and the baby. Claire

Mom said...

Hey Dave,

I so remember the Snow Lion and the book about Stone Soup and I agree that they are both great kids books.

We spent a lot of time at the doctors when you were young, nice that you have some good memories. Dr. Garrett's office is in Point Edward now, on Mara Street but next time I'm there I'm going to check the books and see if the Snow Lion is still there.

And for Claire, yes I remember the bear who made a house full of popcorn too. We should ask Mark what book he remembers from Dr. Gs.

Can't wait until I get to read the Snow Lion again, this time to your little one. Don't lose that book! Hopefully it will become your kids' favourite too.

Love, Mom XX

Mom said...

Oh yes Dave,

Do you remember Lamont the Lonely Monster? I know we have that one in the basement still. AND the book with "lift and look surprises"

Happy times,
Love Mom XX