Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Blogger doesn't give too many choice for font, but lucky for me they have my favorite.
How have i been lately? I am still a happy pregnant person. We had a prenatal class the other night and
i met some very unhappy, uncomfortable pregnant pregnant women. Not mE! Hopefuly i won't suffer payback for my absense of morning sickness with an awful labor or something equally painful.
Dave and i haven't been any bussier than
normal, but we just haven't made it around to the blog site in awhile. But no body has said anything anyway.
I bought a sewing machine two weeks ago and for the first time today i threaded and bobbined it up! Oh
, and of course i sewed on it. I made one panel of curtain for our gouge in the wall of a front closet. We have so many unattractive things living in this big space and we had planned from the very beginning to hide it all with curtains. One down, two to go. I am making them in 3 sections so we can easily get at the things behind them: jackets, purses, backpacks, recycling (well, i guess i won't be able to practice my aim from the kitchen with tin cans anymore), shoes, and yuckiest of all the cat box. Sorry i am not writing anything deep or personal on here. Just not in that sort of mood. PLus, i think everyone, everywhere should be aware of all the mundane things that occur in my life!
Dave is working on hanging up the curtain rod, which is really just a big wooden dowl. Alot cheaper and more attractive in my opinion! I will take a picture.
Now i have to upload the pictures
. I have no energy to do that ... blahhhhhhh.
Okay i am uploading the pictures anyways. I will add them and then what do you think i should do? Movie, clean up? More sewing... reading, sweeping? Hmm, i think i will go for a bit of a movie. Right now i wish i had television; i would watch gilmore girls. Oh, the pictures are done!
(notice the lack of drill bit!)


Sue said...

BEAUTIFUL curtain Janers, lovely . :)

heehee, isn't it wonderful to be JOYFUL in pregnancy? there are soo many un-joyful pregnancies, and it is easy to get 'caught up' in the blabla, this is so hard, tiring, painful, scary, blabla. YIPPE for knowing the JOY of new life!

you are a beautiful preggy lady!

Mom said...


Love the curtains, you ar so talented in so many ways. I've never made tab top curtains but they look great.


You look good with power tools (hint, it works better with a bit in the chuck).

What a power-team you are! Yay Colvinsons!

Anonymous said...

Hey Janie!
(it's hubby)

I set it for ANNOYMOUS now... we'll see how that work, k?