Friday, December 16, 2005

Before i head to work!

Just a few thoughts from my head before i go off to work for the day:

- are you getting enough fibre? Am i getting enough fibre?
- I made Christmas stockings... pictures to come
- I think i have felt the baby's bum, head, and at least a foot or two!
- I have 7 days of work left, 4 of which are full days, 3 are half!
- Dave is a sweetie and i don't even need to back that up with a reason or example; it holds it's own
- i don't really know how to use semi-colons
- we have received an incredible amount of snowny snow snow over the last 24 hours. It is very white and clean, fluffy, heavy and pretty falling down. Maybe snow will softly fall from the sky forever!!!!
- i am now running out of time to get ready for work and must stop this random thought nonsense
- i really like chocolate and christmas tree ornaments

Have a hopeful day everyone.

Janers and Baby C


Sue said...

eheehee, i like-a-your posts Janers. oooh you are soo cute. enjoy your last days of working!!
whheee eheee.When do you think you will feel the other three will LOVE being a mommy!!

love ya!