Thursday, December 15, 2005

Poor stubby-armed C-3PO

I just read the best Star Wars related quote EVER. Had to share it.

"There's not a lot of dignity involved in being in these 'Star Wars' films; I have no dignity left whatsoever. I mean, if I've got an itchy crotch, somebody has to scratch it for me. I actually can't do that - my hands don't go that far." - Anthony Daniels (Rolling Stone)

Now come on, little Anakin. Is that any way to build a protocol droid?

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JAnie & DAve said...

I love you my nut case. I am glad i got the explaination from you in the car, or this quote would not have made sense to me! But thanks to your description i have a vivid picture in my mind of a skinny robot with restrictive elbow joints reaching and straining for his crotch, only to find he is a few inches short of releif!
Love you lots my sweets!