Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Little Updates

Hey there everyone,

It's Dave here, and I thought I would just drop by with a little of this and a little of that, you kow. First of all, in response to Janie's last post: Every time you call it a Video Dance Party I can't help but think of Attoney General Janet Reno in a certain Saturday Night Live Sketch. While the dance wasn't quite as big or extravagent as advertised (or as well supervised) , it certainly was fun for our youth and very very loud (but I still can't believe they played Run DMC and Sinead O'Connor).
Secondly, Janie was right; Christmas was awesome. The only part that isn't so good is having to go back to work after Christmas, because work simply isn't as much fun as Christmas, and there isn't as much egg nog.
Thirdly, there are diapers in my home. There is a child seat in my car. This is starting to get scary. Exciting, but scary. I'm beginning to understand my Theology professor Tim Perry and his reaction when I asked him if he was exicted about become a father: He lifted his heavey head, looked straight through me and said "it's terrifying". (don't worry too much, though, I'm just going through a little phase. Most of the time I'm 100% thrilled. I'm just trying to respect fatherhood, and not pretend it will be easy or all laughs).
Forthly, Homestarrunner game day went well. The game proved once again to be awesome and cool, and well-recieved by all. We learned some valuable things and hope to keep it getting better and better. I hope to get "Special Abilities" up and running soon, as well as glueing the "item" tiles to heavier card stock for easier pick up. We'll have another game soon. I also learned two other interesting things, both from our dear Mr. Matt. 1. Munchins really is a fabulous game (I PROMISE I'll play it with you Bre!), and 2. Optimus Prime is Jewish! (who knew?).
Finally, I'd like to close with this: I don't know what I think of it, but please enjoy the link, and answer this question for yourself: What would I do if I found this under my christmas tree?



Matt said...

Thanks, Dave!
It's too bad we didn't get to play Munchkins with lots of people - it's the best when there are lots of players. When you get good at it, you learn some really tricky things to do, like, say, making yourself lose a level so you can escape a monster that won't pursue below level 4 or something.