Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A merry Christmas

Christmas was wonderful for the small, but increasing, Colvinson family. We opened lots of lovely gifts (thanks for the all wonderful things from England. I was saying to dave that the items you picked out for us would probably be the ones we would have choosen ourselves!) , attended church, had dinner with our most loved friends (sarah, tricia, pam, george and eileen (the gal's parents) ) saw the movie Narnia (superb), built a snow person (thanks claire!) and chit chatted!
Monday was spent shopping for baby items and setting up the baby room. We played a wonderful game of carcassonne with our treasured Bre (we adorded the game) and then watched some of the movie elf! Tuesday i managed to find even more things to do in the baby's room! As well we went and finished up our Baby shopping and bought a stroller and change pad! We bumped into our beautiful friend Candace at toys'r'us. We had just been talking on the phone to her, and then there she was! it was super fun! I love coincidences... or blessings! At 2:00 some friends came over to play dave's Homestarrunner board game (he created a whole entire board game from his head! Now it is in the testing phase)! After dinner today (tuesday), dave headed off to a Much Video Dance, hosted by the Youth Coordinator for all the Anglican churches in winnipeg. All the youth are there and although dave is in no way part of the set up, supervision, organization, or clean up he decided he would of course go to see our youth and have a little video dance party fun! Hope your having a stellar time my dear! He he! The youth crave dances so we were very pleased when someone announced they were hosting a dance that we didn't have to plan!
I am just puttering around the house cleaning this, and tidying that... fiddling with this baby thing and checking some websites! I am really enjoying my days off.
On Christmas eve my feet were horribly swollen, and my blood pressure was a little high so i plopped myself on the couch with lots of cushions under my feet to elevate them. The baby hasn't yet dropped, but i imagine he/she soon will, and my right rib will be very thankful for that! My feet are doing alot better and have not been swollen the past two days now! So, i am feeling very ready for this little baby to come now. All in God's timing.
I am off to find something to do within our little abode! Take care all who read!


Matt said...

Hey, it was lots of fun! Thanks again for having me over!
The only question is this: what will come first: a finished Homestarrunner game, or the new little Colvinson?

Sue said...

heehee, yipppppeeeeee! Can't wait to see the new colvinson!! Hey...when are you getting that game into circulation!?

awesome. dude. fun. MERRY CHRISTMAS, glad your's was fab, love you guys, can't wait to see you...sooooon we hope!
much love from d, s, and j

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks for stopping by!

matt, keep you eyes open for newborn colvinson pictures up here after you get back to prov!

Susan: we totaly can't wait to hear about your adventures in abby! Meg is there, Amy is there, Christine might be around.. you have a new nephew... what more could you ask for? Oh, and i can't wait to hear about moving into your new house.. paint colors, furniture, things Julia does to help! Tee hee, does she get to paint her own room? I bet she would do a great jorb!
Take care