Thursday, December 01, 2005

Monkey's and Elephants

So, we have had the tree up for about 30 minutes and already our kitty Maera has managed to climb almost to the top! She didn't stop climbing because i was scolding her to stop (which works very well with this cat), but rather because she lost her grip and momentum and starting falling downwards. I imagine that fall to be rather prickly and uncomfortable, so maybe she has learned her lesson. Christmas makes our cats turn into monkeys! They have been running around like mad since we brought all the christmas things up. Oh, and we had to move the couch and chairs to fit the tree in, and of course we found about 20 of their missing toys! There were some wrapped hard candies (duffy's fav), little red berries from a wreath thing (maera's fav), a chop stick (?), and a piece of corn bran cereal. We haven't had that kind of cereal in quite some time now.... ekkk.
I really hope kids are this much fun!! So our tree is very naked at this point because dave had to head off to work before we got anything on it! I don't know when we will have time to start decorating it though... honestly we have something every single night this week, and all weekend we have the christmas pagent at the church. We supervise all the kids in the play and help keep them occupied while they aren't on stage. I am excited about all the christmas parties and events coming up, and wish i could go to everything happening in the city (nutcracker ballet, bare naked ladies, munchapoloza with cookies and milk...) but know that i would just go crazy in the end . It is kinda scary because we have lots of christmas things to get done, and lots of baby things too! If this little one comes early we will be i trouble!
Our major tasks before the baby comes are painting the room, getting a craddle someone is lending us, getting the crib someone is giving us, sheets, layettes and such, cleaning the room, figuring out cloth diapers (someone is going to give me a great pattern and help me learn to sew them!), stroller with snow/ice tires (he he he), baby snuggly carrier, and i am going to make a little toque for its little head. Lots of important things, but not too overwhelming i guess. Someone from church gave us a bag full of excellent condition boy/neutral baby clothes. It has alot of newborn things in it (from gap and other nice stores), so our collection keeps growing! I can't believe all the clothes we have already and nobody to put inside of them yet! All in good time!
Dave and i will try to get some pictures up soon! Thanks for reading!


Sue said...

How lovely Janers,

glad to hear all the goings-on and on-goings of the Colvinson gang. We shall miss you o'r Christmas, however, there will be merry-jolly times ahead with your wee babe and our Jules trying to give him/her every toy she owns...haha. so far this is what happens when wee one's visit us. Look forward to your pics, stories, and pagentia-entertainia time. :) what do you have planned for the kids at your church?? you two are so so so good with kids, always thinking of CRAZY off the wall wonderful things to do!!!! wish you were closer to us, so we could be NUTTY together.
from me.

JAnie & DAve said...

Hey Janie! I was just talking to Andrea from Admissions and she says "hi".