Saturday, November 26, 2005

"Let's Get Dangerous!"

Janie and I just had the best trip down memory lane via glorious VHS!

I was cruising down the isles in Value Village the other day and happened upon a factory sealed copy of the debut episodes of a childhood favourite that I had not seen in YEARS. For $2.99 I brought it home and have now just finished a 48 minute blast-from-the-past!! Why doesn't every body watch cartoons on Saturday morning? This was awesome!

And which glorious animated venture was it that we sampled this morning? You tell me! First person to leave the correct answer as a comment WINS! (wins what? why the Game of course! And maybe a chance to come over and watch it sometime) Your only clue is in the title of this post! Now get to commenting!



Anna-Marie Hakansson (Atkinson) said...

This is Janie's friend from High School...Anna-Marie....And the name of that movie would be non other then "Darkwing Duck"....When there's trouble you call DW...
Lol...oh to be a kid again!

Anyways, glad to see everythings going well for you Janie. God bless you and your family!

Sue said...

hmmm i thought you were talking about carebears ...just kidding. i had NO CLUE. Way to go Anna-marie, which by the way, i found as my own 'blast from the past'!! how cool. :)

Sue said...

hey....where are you guys???? you haven't posted in like...a while, are you in labor??? :) haha. love you two, i mean three, bye! :)

bre said...

just to say...i knew it was darkwing duck, but am sad that i did not win the game. oh, wait. i won that lots already.

Martha RULES!

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks for the comments! Hi anna marie, what a surprise to see a comment from you! Do you have a blog??
We just might be in labour, does one really know? No, i am pretty sure i am not!

Take care... i'll post soon