Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stocking Factory!

Earlier this month i decided that i would put my new sewing machine to work and make stockings out of felt. They are nothing extravagent but i like them! Here are some pictures of my lovely new machine (so (sew... he he) easy to use and thread and undestand! Thanks Chris, Mary and Grand Dad)! And of course the completed stockings. They are a little funny shaped in the foot, but i am just an amateur and only dave and i have to use them! Oh, can't forget the close up on the awesome fancy stich! I love that stich; very easy to do, and then i just cut off excess material to make it look nice and tight and even! Wahla! Who knew that sewing could require so few brain cells. Well, i should talk because at this point i could never pump out a quilt: AHHHHHHHHH! My love to all quilters for your beautiful work!

This morning i have some laundry going in our basement and i am going to take a little bit of time to get some Christmas cards addressed for people at Church! Tomorrow we are painting the baby's room after church. I am very excited about this because things are finally coming together and soon we will have a nice little room for baby (which matters more to me than the unknowing infant!)
Have a hopeful day everyone.



JAnie & DAve said...

I just wanted to clarify what Janie just said there. It's NOT that she cares more about the paint than she does for the baby, which would be one interpretation (although I'm sure none of you read it that way.) Instead, she cares more about the paint than the baby cares about the paint. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Matt said...

DAve and JAnie!
I'm back in town now, so I can finally see you (and play your game, Dave!)
Give me a call (or email me!)

Anonymous said...

Mom said,

Wow that looks like a great sewing machine - does it whistle while it sings too?

I love the christmas stockings. They are much fancier than any that I have made in the past. I didn't have the fancy red stitch you edged with.

Good luck painting the baby's room. I know it will be a load off both of you to have it completed. Once that is done the baby can pretty well arrive any time and you'll be all set.

Dave, Jooky is really loving having the whole house to himself. I'm afraid he doesn't miss Dot at all but luxuriates in sleeping on EVERY chair in turn. He hardly ever goes down to the basement now and he even comes and sit on our laps, something he has never done before.

Dad is off to choir practice, they are doing a big production for the evening service tonight - its going to be great.

Love, Mom XX

justus said...

Great stockings!! So are you just as crafty as Susan? A job well done.