Friday, January 20, 2006



It is the afternoon of Friday, Jan 20th, and we JUST got home from the hospital with our BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!!! Her name is Corrina Jamie Joy Colvinson! She was born at 1:26 am on Wednesday Jan. 18. We started off in early labour on Sunday Evening, went to the hospital on Tuesday at 4:00 am, and went into Active/Hard Labour around 6:45pm. Then, after the long time of anticipation, we had a VERY short delivery (5 pushes/10 mins?!), our beautiful baby came into the world. And she is BEAUTIFUL!

Janie was INCREDIBLE. She wanted to go without drugs and she did it! She was so strong and worked so hard, and she was Amazing. It was so hard on her when she wasn’t dilating quickly at first, but the last two centimetres took all of 10 minutes! Now she’s up and walking, getting her colour back, and generally being a great mom.

I am so proud. I have the best wife ever. Way to go, Janie!

Special mention has to go to our friends Allison, Candace, Heather, Sarah and Trisha who were there from 5:00pm Tuesday and help out amazingly all the way through the delivery! Every time Janie felt a contraction coming on, someone was massaging her back, someone had a cold compress on her forehead, someone else was holding hands and everyone was helping with breathing! In the end they were Human Stirrups! We were both so thankful for their support and true friendship. You have earned the right to be Aunties! (The new name for their house is “The Aunt Farm”)

Little Corrina did end up a little Jaundice and had to stay in the hospital for a few days, but in the end it was good because it meant Janie and I got a lot of great advice about breast feeding and bathing and such. Now we are home and learning to settle into our environment. Corrina looks so tiny in her crib, even though she is quite sizeable. Grandma Judy is here to help us out now and has already proven to be a much needed support. She arrive on the 19th, and relieved Dave at the Hospital so he could get a full nights sleep. Of course Janie doesn’t get that luxury, but even after days without really sleeping at all she is still going strong! As for Dad, I’m told I was a great support and a very helpful partner, but I have to admit that I MAY have nodded off once or twice during everything (EDIT: the nurses were taking pictures of him “sawing logs” in the delivery bed!).

This picture is one of her JUST out of the womb, with vernix and all! After laying on Mum for a while and then having the chord cut, Corrina was passed on to Daddy who got to play with her while the doctors took care of mom a little.

Anyway, we’re busy around here so I’d better get back to work, but thank you! Thank you to all who offered support and prayers, and who left all the lovely messages on our machine to come home to! Thank you for being our friends and family.

Much love from Janie, Dave and Baby Corrina (who may just be the first 100% pure blood Colvinson EVER!)


westcoastloon said...

Yeah! Hurrah! Photos!!!!!

Thanks for taking a minute to post. Can't wait to hold that kid.
Auntie Claire

The Krow said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! So excited fo royu guys.

Paul and Jo

Sarah said...

It was our pleasure and honour to be able to help you guys out. :)

justus said...

Well done!! Congrats! So proud, and glad she has arived!
Looking forward to more pictures of this wee one!!gb

westcoastloon said...

Hey, is she already wearing her Dad's handiwork? When did you have time to make that? It's awesome!


Maria Jane Tuininga said...

Seriously, you guys.
Oh my gracious. She is nearly perfect... oh my word... I have been checking your blog, everyday, at least 10 times.... and YAY!!!!! She is here!
Oh my word... I can't get over how beautiful she is!!!!
Sometime after work I NEED to walk by your place!
Drop me a line... maybe we can work it out...? YAY!!!!!!! You are so AWESOME!!!!!!


JAnie & DAve said...

Maria - what do you mean by "Nearly"?

JAnie & DAve said...

Yeah!!!! Janie here: Corrina is sleeping in a pink sleeper right now.. i just might get obsessed with pink, we'll see!
The 'handi work' is actually 'digital work'... took dave a few seconds... we shouldn't give away our secrets should we!

We have more pictures, and will get them up soon. We are just taking some time to relax and get organized at home. Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.

(oh man, does she ever poo ALOT.. every 2 hours at least.. ha ha.. i love her!)

-Janers: the mom

Sue said...

ahhhhhhhhhh you are a mom and dad now!! SHE IS GORGEOUS! wow, what a darling sweet cute-as-ever kid you have! :)

what fun! and may grow on ya..hahaha, it is so sweet on babies...

OOOOOOOOOH WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and we wish we could be there and love you and care for you and see you and be with babysweet....
much love from me. and dave. and the jul-ster. :)

westcoastloon said...

You know I wondered if it was digital -- it was the wrinkle in the shirt that had me fooled. Nice work!

Matt said...

Congrats, and I'll see you guys tomorrow night!

the salmon said...

congratulations! she's so beautiful and healthy looking. large baby there janie, good stuff going it with no drugs. i guess being younger than me you are probably tougher or something...heck, i tried to go with no drugs, but it hurt toooo much. my baby was posterior though...anyway, i'm really happy for you two and for claire to be an aunt. enjoy every nursing, sleeping, pooping, alert, crying (if possible, those newborn cries are pretty precious), milk-smiley moment! daughters are awesome :)

Carol said...

She's incredibly gorgeous!
Congratulations to all three of you!

mammasita said...

congratulations! I have been checking your blog to see if you had your baby and Im glad to see you have and everything is well. Wow your girl was born weighing what my girl weighs now. So cute. your really brave having it all natural! can't wait to see more pics.

kelly said...

congraculations! so beautiful!!! yay - she's finally arrived :)

the g's said...

SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! congrats you guys! we were sure glad to see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie,

About the frequent pooping -I looked up neo-natal jaundice online and it said that the pooping is because the light treatment breaks down the bilirubin under the skin so the body can expel it (poop!) so now you know.

Love, Mom C