Saturday, January 21, 2006

Photos photos photos!

People have been riotous in their demand for more baby pics. So here you go!

Here's the VERY FIRST PICTURE OF CORRINA EVER. (well, of her outsides, at any rate).

Here's Mom and Dad, in our first Family Photo!

Here's Corrina's Stuffy. Can you tell who he is? Dad got to pick him out and was very excited to have the privilage.

Here is a beautiful Hat! It was made by Auntie Heather to reminder Corrina that fitting in isn't so imporant and matching colours are overrated. It's her official Granola Crunching hat (she just needs some teeth. Right now it would be more like granola gumming and choking. Not so good).

Here's a pic of Corrina looking cute. It's only one of her many skills!

Here are a few shots from her first Photo Shoot (wow, I'm find that I'm really obsessed with "firsts" at the moment. I wonder how long that'll last.)

What a cutie!

And for some reason, lots of moms love pictures of their children screaming. I won't pretend to understand, but she still looks really cute.

And here's Mom and Daughter, cuddlin' at the lunch table. Both are healthy, both are well. Where is Dad? Well, Dad is behind the camera, isn't he!

Thanks for all the love! See you soon!


JAnie & DAve said...

Sometimes I hate the way Blogger formats things. Somewhere between "Preview" and "Publish", things go crazy!

Lori said...

I'm so incredibly happy for you! Way to go, you done good! She's adorable. And I commend you, Janie for no drugs, as far as I hear, it's kinda painful... :P Yeah, so way to go! Hope you adjust to life as a family of 3 easially!
Love Lori

mammasita said...

those are wonderful pic that you have. She sure is pretty.

justus said...

Wonderful pictures. Janie, you and Keyra are going to have to get together! All these new babys, makes me want one more and more. I am so happy for all the first, and all the firsts yet to come!

Sue said...

what a beauty. keep taking care of each other, God is soo ooo ooo good to us eh? what awesomely beautiful healthy babes. :)

much love from sdj. :)

westcoastloon said...

Yeah photos photos photos. Did I tell you that I already have a photo of Corrina on my frigde?

Photo happiness!

westcoastloon said...

one more question. . . are you guys on Flickr?

Rach said...

Baby! I'm so happy, you guys! Love you very much. Corrina is beautiful!

S said...

Hi Janie and Dave!!
Wow, Corrina is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and perfect!!! She's so bright-eyed and alert looking. Gorgeous. Good job Janie, going natural, I'm very proud of you!!! Heehee. (People usually think I'm crazy too for going natural with my almost-12-pounder - hey, I didn't know!) You make a beautiful family and we wish you lots of fun and joy adjusting to your new life. Congratulations!
Sarah, Nu, Lesina and Mekaia

the salmon said...

sooo cute!

Anne said...

wow! She is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear about the many firsts that come along...

love ya lots

devin said...

Hi Janie! Just finished looking at your new beautiful baby girl. She's adorable! She looks like her Mommy. I'm so excited for you and your family. Love you lots!
Cousin Devin XOXO (314-256-0822)