Sunday, January 01, 2006

Martha nights!

I do not believe that we have blogged about our "Martha Nights." It may be a little embarrasing, but the fun is worth it! There are 5 of us involved in these nights, which sadly are now over because Dawna won the apprenticeship with Martha. Yes, you have it; we watched Martha the apprentice!! It was great fun to get together once a week (if we missed we would tape the show and watch it another night), to sit and enjoy fine, quality television and see the weirdo business side of Martha. What are we going to do now that the show is over? Will there be a Wednesday night of bliss in my weeks? Quick, someone start taping something we can all watch together!
In my stocking this year i received a particularily ridiculous present. Can you guess? Dave bought it for $2.00, it is a VHS, and it is an MTV special that i don't think people really watch anymore. Beavis and Butthead; these freaks are definately beyond sanity. But, i suppose he bought it for me because sometimes i talk about episodes that i saw in my highschool days. They are such a gross, immature, idiodic pair. Despite their rude and crude behavior, Dave and i just spent a half hour watching some epsodes off the video. It was funny, we laughed. We have no taste!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve. We spent the evening at "the girls" house. I brought my laundry along and washed quilts (hey, you can't pass up free laundry when you have big, beautiful homemade quilts to wash. Plus our machines in the basement don't have delicate cycles. Sucky!) We watched some hockey (can't go to the girl's house when there is a game on and expect the TV to be off!) ate lots of yummy finger foods (good job picking all that food girls!) had punch and pop, played scategories, and just hung out. Good times!
Dave is working on making a big batch of Chilli for dinner and then we head to the church to meet some of the Youth and walk down the road for a worship night in winnipeg. I spent the afternoon napping. It was actually rather wonderful. I usualy do not nap, and when i do i have such a hard time getting up and going again, and i can't sleep at night. However, we have both been feeling so tired that i doubt the few hours will interfere with my night sleeping! I am trying super duper hard to relax and rest, and dave has been a big help by sweeping up a little today, doing dishes, and now preparing dinner! Everyone needs a dave, perferably a different dave than mine.. i am not willing to share! Tee hee.
Happy New Year to everyone. Of course we are still awaiting our little babino.. 9 more days until the due date... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and YEAHHHHHHHH!


Anonymous said...

JANIE!!!!!! Hi! It's Lori here. I found your blog through Maria's! You're having a baby! Or maybe you already did. Woah. I'm so not in the loop, eh? Not that I'm keeping you updated on my life either, eh? It's so great to read up on your life in your blog. You seem to be so happy - I'm so happy for you! At this very moment, I'm sitting in my sister's house in Lubango, Angola, Africa. Yeah, that's right, Africa. I'm here for a holiday for 3 or so weeks. It's AMAZING to be here - to see Becky's life and see the African landscape, culture, life, etc. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be here. Since this is just a reply to a blog I won't keep writing, but I thought I'd say hi anyways. Let me know about the baby, eh? One of these days Im going to come to Winnipeg and see you, K? Let's keep in touch!
Love you lots - Lori

Sue said...

Hey there Janers and Dave,

wow, not long now until baby comes to visit!!! we can't wait to hear alllllllll about your darling baby, the delivery, etc etc etc....

Wish we could hang out with you, we really miss you ! I do hope our travel schedules get back on the same track! it is so nice to see you every Christmastide. :)

you two are dear dear dear to our hearts, much love, byebye.