Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sewing and waiting

Firday, Dec. 30 was my last day of work. Now i am on maternity leave, which until the baby comes will be time to clean (nest, as some like to say), sew, visit with people, shop (not too much of this after christmas though!), and become mentaly and spiritualy prepared.
I am just doing my 'internet thing', drinking delicious Second Cup Vanilla Bean Hot Choc. (from our dear friends Jen and Jonathon) and waiting for a courier to arrive with my "record of employment" and vacation pay from 'the office' (i told them i could come get it, but they said they would courier it out.. just hope i am not the one who pays!). I was sewing baby room curtains until i ran out of white thread. My friend Candace is coming over with some in the next little while, and she is also going to help me figure out my sewing machine a little more. When i do a zig zag stitch the fabric gathers funny, so we are going to mess around a little with length, width, and tension!

I took a little break and finished the curtains! It is very nice to have them all done.
When the baby does come we plan on emailing most everyone (that we have an address for), and of course posting pictures on here, so keep your eyes open!

Happy days to you all


Sue said...

waiting waiting waiting
oh let us hope for a punctual babe
for waiting is long and tedious and such. haha.

merry happy times.sew and be silly.
love to you. from us.
IT HAS BEEN RAINING FOR 10 DAYS STRAIGHT!!!!! hahaha. lovely bc weather...