Friday, February 10, 2006


We're hanging out at the girls' house the right now. Where are you?

It's Allison's birthday party, we've just eaten a big meal and are feeling very satisfied, ansad i acan't satand typing of a freaking laptop comkputer keyboird!

Corrina is hanging out on the floor, enjoy the bliss of nudity while someone changes her diaper.

Here are some quotes from our concervastion so that you can feel like you're here too!
"Eggplant is hard to cut through"
"We're not cleaning up, we're just bringing out more food"
"Did you see the Valentine's day dress"
"You're snorting like a piggy again!"
"You're not allowed to go again, I just cleaned your bum!"
"I want to be naked, I tell you! Naked!
"That's true, you're mom is quite....pooey"
"Wow. What a hot little girl!"
"She's like, a homey"
"Oh, it burns!"



justus said...

Poor Dave....
I hope the girls are enjoying the fun!! I know I am looking forward to my girls night out! LOL... it has been so long I don't know if I will know what to do!

Enjoy your wonderful night!

Sue said...

Hi there,
i do feel like i'm with y'all.

Jonny Vivian says hi to you Dave.
talk again later. from sue.

Maria Jane Tuininga said...

hello, this is Maria.
Ummm... What to say? Don't know.
But I loved the update on conversation! And that we could ALL enjoy the marital bliss taking place in your post!
Listen now: I am going to COME THE STINK OVER!!!!
I don't know when.
But just be ready.
Could you re-send me your address... I know it's on Edmonton, righty right...? I need to be reminded...
I love you both!
I want your baby!!!!!!

Sarah said...

oops, i probably should have told you before you posted... everything i say is copyright... unlawful use of my comments does, unfortunately, result in a fine.

expect the notice in the mail.

Lori said...

also nice to hear the conversation, can almost hear those voices, Alison, Tricia . . . the good ole days :)
Love ya