Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey Janie!

Hello Janie, my precious, my love!

I'm at work and I just wanted to stop by and say hello! and I love you! and stuff like that. I didn't want to phone because last time I did I woke you and the baby up, but I figured you'd probably check the blog at some point!

I hope you're having a fabolous day! I hope you are well, and rested, and get to eat something today! (and I hope that all the lovely people out there leave nice comments for you too because you love to read them!)

Anyway, keep your chin up! Hope Corinna is having a wonderful day too!
-Love, Dave


JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks Dave! Today has been much better than yesterday. Corrina was very calm and happy this morning. I even got a chance to shower while she had one of her cat naps! After that she enjoyed a warm bath, and more eating. She has been sleeping for about an hour now so i have been able to have lunch and get a few important things completed! Can't wait to see you tonight. Thanks for considering that we might be sleeping (although i am not this afternoon). I find that i don't need naps when the nights go well, which is really great because then i can have a little bit of Janie-accomplishing-things time. Nothing major, just cutting toe nails and stuff! Tee hee, Love you dave, and hello all others!

justus said...

What a wonderful man! How loving and caring. Dave you are so wonderful to Janie. I am so happy you have eachother and such a wonderful daughter! Corrina is such a blessing to such divoted people!

the g's said...

hey janie!you have got one of the most adorable girls ever!i know all babies are 'cute' just cause they're babies-nancy and i have this thing when we see new babies we ask eachother if the baby was "cute" or actually cute!...she hadn't seen pics yet of corrina but i was able to assure her that corrina was truly a cute! baby! i'm glad you're able to take some janie time here and there- sleep is good when you can too and sometimes it's just nice to do some things for yourself too. have dave- i haven't gotten to know you too well but just by taking a look into your lives from your blog and stuff you sure seem like a sweety to janie! have a great day you guys!

westcoastloon said...

Aw that's sweet! Can't wait to come and see you guys. I have booked my ticket. I'll send you the info.