Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fashion SHoe Show

WELCOME to my fashion shoe show! I wanted everyone to know just how cute my feet look ALL THE TIME. I am excited that i already have a knack for footwear, for to go through life with no shoe fashion sense would insult my parents, family and friends. Thank you to everyone who has helped to start my first collection of beautiful shoes.
First up:
These adorable little Robeez were given to me by my very knowledgeable Aunt Sarah. She manages a shoe store and knows all about the latest trends. Really she is the one who started my shoe fetish. They add the finishing touch to so many outfits. These little robeez are called cowgirl. Isn't that cute? Now if only i could find a cowgal hat to go!

puppies (ha ha, i am so funny!) are for all my lounging purposes. Plus, when i wear blue it helps me to understand the other gender. I feel i should get a head start on this, for i plan on being an equal in every way, and thus i am just fine with sporting some blue. You should try it, you might like the feeling! Thank you to Dave, Sue and Julia for providing me with my first insights into boyhood. My feet are warm, toasty, and friendly,
ouldn't you say?OOOOHHHHH, you'll just love these next ones! On with the show:

So here we have the new line of Spring sneakers for babies. It looks like i know how to wear shoes with laces, but ha, you've been fooled: they're velcro! Baby shoe designers are so intelligent. These shoes are so sturdy and trendy. I just love the little flowers, and again i have the chance to look good in BLUE! Thank you Auntie Heather for having an eye for cuteness!

This pretty pair came all the way from Englad, with love, just for me! (I just love getting mail, and i have never gotten quite so much in all my life. Neither have my parents!) Thank you Uncle Mark and Aunt Rachel. I was just thrilled to have a dainty pair of "ballerina style" slippers. When I'm not quite sure which pair of shoes to wear i always pick these ones because the subtle pink flowers match every outfit and don't overpower my cute face! They are adorable and soft, i don't know what i did before these babies arrived.

Well, those are my shoes. It is just fantastic to share this part of my life with everyone. And again, thank you to everyone who so kindly is building my shoe collection and wardrobe!). Ya know, i really love doing these fashion shows so keep your eyes open for more. Maybe next time it will be the best baby sweaters for the season! Everyone has been so busy knitting!

Adios to my fans


the g's said...

enjoyed the show- so adorable! how's being a mama going janie-looks like you're lovin' it and doing great! you too dave(being a dad that is)

justus said...

wow.. what a wonderful collection.. starting the womanhood off right! Keep collecting, you can never have enought Shoes!!

mammasita said...

love the pics!!!!
elaina only has a couple pairs of shoes.. but all those shoes look great on her!!!!

Lori said...

I see a future for you Corrina, modelling just works for you, girlfriend!

westcoastloon said...

Love the shoe fashion shoe. Keep it coming. I've been ordering prints of some of my photos from the trip out. Got to have a little Corrina cuteness for my desk at work. Well, okay I already HAVE a picture of her at my desk at work, but there's definitely room for some more :)


Sue said...

aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww the lounge dogs made the show!! that's awesome! i am so proud. :) i knew they would suit a beautiful baby boy or girl! :)

gorgeous pics Janers. Nicely done. you should go into baby-foot-modeling.

i'm sure there is a commercial somewhere that would like this type of modeling....can't you see it now? all different baby feet in different baby shoes??? oh so sweet.


kelly said...

cute, cute, cute!!!! i love the shoes - and she is such a natural!

JAnie & DAve said...

Isn't she just a bell!


westcoastloon said...

Seriously one CUUUUUUUTE kid.

S said...

Hey Janie and Dave!
Happy belated birthday Dave, you have an awesome wife!!
The shoe show was a lovely highlight of my morning so far....oh, how I miss cute little girl baby shoes! And pink! But boy stuff is fun too. Your little sweetness is precious ( :