Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Alright! So I have to--Just HAVE to--get on here and blog about the wonderful, stupendous and fabulous Birthday I just had! Hurray! You guys are amazing!

Please note that my intention here is not to show off but I just have to acknowledge what wonderful, and thoughtful friends I have!

So my Birthday was on the Monday, but on SUNDAY my friends Bre and Ernie offered to take me out for a surprise. So they picked me up from work, I got weird looks from old ladies when I left church with a strange woman while Janie was nowhere to be seen, and they took me out. Where was Janie? "Oh, I don't think I can make it to church today." "Oh, I'm too tired!" Little did I know!! So Bre, Ernie and I go to Subway for sandwiches and then to the Cannes Lions International Advertising awards, which is basically about 2 hours of the world's best commercials. It was a lot of fun! After leaving the theatre we were a little "over advertised" but in the days since I've had a lot of fun remembering different situations and laughed at some of the very creative bits. So anyways, we go back the car and I'm thinking "That was really fun!" Then Bre says she's thirsty so I ask if they come up and have something to drink. They say yes, saying I'll need to open my present from them anyways-- then they probably said some other stuff but i couldn't hear anything else other than "present"!

So we go up to the apartment, and I go in and the TV is on and Janie says hello, everything seems cool. And I'm feeling good, because it's been a great day. Then I walk around the corner and "SURPRISE!!" Balloons! Streamers! Friends from across the city popping out all over the place! and the Food! My goodness the Food! Lots of hugs, lot of commotion (how i LOVE a good commotion!) and Five Iron Frenzy blaring on the Stereo. So good! Then there's more great food, and more balloons, then I found a whole tub FILLED with Jones Sodas! I love that! Even sugar-free Jones for our Sugar-free friends! (We have more than you might think!) Then came presents and cards which became toys and Cd's and wonderful things like that, and just a whole lot of sitting and hanging out and catching up and generally feeling loved.

Thank you thank you for all my wonderful friends who made it out and who helped make the event so special.

And thank you thank you THANK YOU to my wonderful wife who orcastrated it all, devious little master mind that she is, who worked so hard and who jsut got so darned excited! Thank you my love. You.... you are just the best. I love you.

Okay okay, this is long enough.
Take care all. God bless and be well.


Lori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!! Sorry I missed it :) Sounds like a blast and a half. Way to go Janie!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful wife, she's a treasure and I'm glad that you appreciate her so much. Way to go Janie, Dave is hard to surprise but YOU DID IT.

Love Mom XX