Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Look! A duckie!

Originally uploaded by JAnie & DAve.
I am playing with flickr right now (even though i should be asleep because Corrina just went down for the night), and i am learning to connect the photos on clickr to blogger! SO much fun. So... now if you click this picture you will see a TON of other Corrina pictures, just taken this week.. she is 6 weeks! Wow. See ya


Anonymous said...

Mom said:

Awesome photos. Loved them all. Great memories of the Arizona trip, Rachel & Mark's wedding and the Grand Canyon.

Phenomenal pics of Corrina. Am I crazy or does our girl have strawberry blond hair? Well Great Grandpa was a redhead you know and Grandad Chris has a lot of red in his beard.

Claire, I hope you have managed to store up enough cuddles to last until next time. We have to find ways to keep this family in touch despite the distances. Folding geography sounds like a great idea!

Much love to all, Mom XX

justus said...

What wonderful pictures! Corrina sure is growing. Glad to see that you have some help. Hope the family is all feeling better soon.

Sue said...

hello to you, little lady, and your cute parents too..

what a darling sweet angel you have!:)

so sorry about the cold....sickness is sooooooooo different with babies eh? no more laying around watching tv and eating soup all day....you can't really stop being mom. :) except for the few moments thanks to friends (and family! ) :)

love you guys. feel better soon we pray, from us.

Matt said...

Awwww...sooo cute!

the g's said...

wow! your little girl is just tooo cute for words! i just love the sheet in her crib- where'd you find that? hope all you colvinsons are doing good...talk to ya later!

Maria Jane Tuininga said...

I am consistently enraptured by your childs beauty! She is SO GORGEOUS!
seriously... adorable.
Oh, I can't even handle it...

Um, hello. This is Maria. Just wondering: When can I come over? I can maybe walk, or drive... I have Adrian's car...

Um, I am going to make dinner at home right now (thursday @ 5:45pm) - but you know, give me a yell sometime, and MAKE me come see you. Because I ALWAYS want to, I just don't cuz I'm lame, and forget your number, and my brain farts. heh heh...


Love you guys! Seriously!
And I love the pics. so good.


westcoastloon said...

Hi D & J,

I got the rest of my photos from our visit online. If you want to swing by you can see them here on Flickr