Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Personal Favor

I need your help for just a little something.

On monday, March 20th, I have a Vestry meeting at church. I really need to attend this meeting, but since I don't work Mondays I have a terrible time remembering. So how about this: How about YOU call me at 6:00pm on Monday and tell me to go to my meeting!

Note: Prov allumni will probably get a kick out of this, since if you replaced "Vestry Meeting" with "Stuco Meeting", I was saying pretty much the same thing 3 years ago! I even wore a button saying "Remind me about my STUCO MEETING". At least it worked!

So it's up to you now. If I miss this meeting, on Monday March 20th at 6:30pm, I'm holding each of you responsible! Vesty, here I come!


justus said...

Dave, good luck remembering your mgt. I would get my sister to phone ya, since she is in wpg, but... she is going crazy with a very, very cranky baby...

mammasita said...

HI Janie,
Thanks for the advice it was much needed I would love to borrow that book if I am, but right now i dont have transportation besides the city bus.
hey hers my e-mail addy.
I also have msn if you.
you've been a lot of help!
Thank you.
(gonna cut this short as its 2:45am, I just got up to give elaina her bottle!)

justus said...

Janie, I also thank you for the advice you gave Keyra. She is really worried about things, and not sure how to deal with the wee one. If I wasn't on the other side on Ontario, I would do my best to help, but there is only so much I can do from so far away.
Thanks again Janie!