Saturday, March 18, 2006

two months old!

Wow! Another month. Corrina has grown alot! I don't know her weight, but i measured her the other day and she is 24". She was 21" when she was born! She is having lots of naps these days, and her bedtime is slowly moving forward (10pm), although some of her nights have been a little rocky lately, and she has been waking up numerous times throughout. She is also starting her days earlier: 7am! She is having lots of fun discovering the world around her. She smiles alot more and makes so many cute noises. Although most of her smiles are random (and therefore hard to catch on camera), i think she is begining to smile in response to our smiles!
Enjoy the pictures!


Sue said...

what a gorgeous little girl you have folks. :) she is delightful, i'm sure!!

ooooooooooooh i wish i could hold her and tickle her toes!!

:) God bless. from sue.dave.julia.

justus said...

she sure is growing. Blessings like getting into a routine are hard, but all the same, they are blessings.
Take care of that beautiful baby!

Rach said...

Baby is wonderful!! Oh, Corrina, I want to meet you so bad. I thought of you, Dave, when they read the 10 Comnandments at church this morning. I think you would like our church; there are lots of creative people. I'm excited because I'm singing in the special Easter choir. The song is very cool, but hard for me to learn. I think there are 5 of us so far in the special Easter choir. Thank you for the special note, Janie. Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie & Dave,

What great pictures - there are tears in my eyes as I look at them. She's growing and thriving and doing well. Enjoy every minute of these early months.

Isn't it amazing as you live with your child and realise anew what your relationship with your Heavenly Father is like. It helps me to understand that He loves me so much, He protects me and would go to any length to raise me right.

Keep up the great work!

Love Mom XX

the g's said...

what a little beauty- 2 months already!wow!janie you are one amazing mom-already got thank you cards out-(i know i still have some around here i need to get out- bad me!) thanks for sending a pic along of Corrina- she's already found a spot on our fridge:) God bless you guys!

Lori said...

Not only is the subject of the pictures ABSOLUTELY DARLING, but the pictures are great too. good job!

westcoastloon said...

Yeah photos of the cutiebear! Always such a treat :) She is a doll!! Is it time to visit again yet?

I finally got a chance to answer your tech question. There's an email waiting in your inbox with instructions on adding the baby ticker to your blog. Enjoy and code safe.

Love to you,

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks for the warning, Claire. We should all be careful to practice Safe .txt


kelly said...

gosh, is she ever CUTE!