Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The frustrations of a ASCII Gorilla

Any of you who have read the infamous bre's lastest blog know how I tried to make a gorilla for her comments section, only to be thrawted by the limitations of font choice. Knowing the same fate would no doubt await my ASCII creation on our own blog, I have decided to post a screen capture so y'all can see that I'm not crazy and that there really is a picture of a gorilla here. (Note: This is not the EXACT same image, as I increase the resolution to fit the wider margins of this page).

How did I do it? Did I slave away over a hot keyboard all day? Was it through shear will and determination of spirit that I carved this primate from the depths of txt? Of course not. Follow this link and try it for yourself with any picture. Enjoy!


PS> For those of you who were wondering, yes, I did make it to my meeting. Thank you to both moms who phoned to remind me.


Sue said...

julia asks to see baby "curina" as she says, heehee. she smiles as we look throught the pictures....so sweet.. they will be good friends. or penpals.

JAnie & DAve said...

Can nobody see my gorilla?