Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carcassonne debacle!!

So here's a question:
If you're in the middle of a game, and your game is cut short (for whatever reason) do you:

a) Pack up everything and forever wonder who won, ignoring the current standings complelety and arguing that "The game wasn't finished yet"
b) Tally up the score as it stands (not forgetting that the final score would have been different yet nonetheless acknowleding the current leader as "Winner")
c) Other

Let us know!
(to all who may be concerned as to our marital state at this point, please see the above as a humourous attempt and nothing serious! We love you!)


kelly said...

OTHER: You leave the game exactly where it is and return to finish it later, making an obvious reminder of whose turn it was.

Sue said...


Matt said...

What they said.

JAnie & DAve said...

But sometime you can't! Like, when you have Cats who steal the peices or a Baby!

JAnie & DAve said...

janie doesn't like to tally in the middle because all her plans and actions have not been laid and it would not correctly represent winner to take the score in the middle (ie. dave is winning at the current moment, but Janie has sweet comback plans that would put her wayyyyyyy in the lead.. but the baby wakes up and that's that!) The distress in this household over unfinished carcassonne games is tearing apart our love (for carcassonne!). Tee hee. Yes indeed, our cats like to play too, but not by the rules. They feel that the meoples should explore the entire household. Right now we have a green meople MIA. Seen it around?

kelly said...

well, assuming the baby can't really do anything to the pieces, that shouldn't be a problem. as for the cats - well, you're talking to a strong cat un-lover (i'm trying to tame it down from cat-hater, because i fear that would offend), so i'll keep those thoughts to myself and stick to my original suggestion :)

Candace said...

Where are YOUR pictures Janie, your supposed to keep me updated on Corrina remember?

westcoastloon said...

Hi D & J (& little C),

My solution to the Carcasonne debacle is this: put technology to work for you!

You have a digital camera. Sooooo, when the game gets interupted, take a quick photo of the game in progress. THEN put all of the unused tiles in a baggie to keep them seperate and pack the game away. THEN when you've got time to resume play, just consult the photo and reconstruct the game as it was. You'll know which pieces haven't been used yet because they're in the baggie and you can reusme play fair and square.

No one will be declared the winner prematurely AND Janie's game-winning strategy will remain in tact.

Much love to you (even though I only got to play Carcarsonne with you once when I was there :)


Sarah said...

claire wins. and i happen to know for a fact that dave and janie are both professionals when it comes to reconstructing digital photographs. who all remembers the great dorm room theft of 2001/2? haha!

JAnie & DAve said...

By which of course you mean "The Verhoog Project"! MWA HA HA HA HA!

JAnie & DAve said...

claire, good idea! although alot of work. But, dave loves work like that! just the other day he spent quite awhile spelling colvinson outr of city pieces. i'll have to find the picture!
sarah, i think we need some good ol' rearranging in our lives again! who could we prank?