Thursday, April 13, 2006

On a completely unrelated note:

Here is a test for anyone who's ever wondered if they're dyslexic:

If you see the word "Convulsion", think it says, "Convolution", but notice that "Convulsion" bares a striking visual resemblance to the word "Colvinson", YOU MAY BE A RED NECK!
(um... I mean, uh, dyslexic. You may be dyslexic).



JAnie & DAve said...

Also: If you simply had trouble making it through that paragraph without going back over it agian and again, don't worry. Dyslexia isn't all that bad! ;D

Anonymous said...

Dave you are hysterical! (as well as being somewhat dyslexic). You've done exceptionally well for someone who is so afflicted.

I've noticed that Dad doesn't read the words that are actually on the page, he reads his own approximation which is usually reasonably correct but definitely not word for word as it is written. So it seems that its hereditary after all.

Have a wonderful Easter! (eat chocolate)

Love, Mom XX

Lori said...

Yeah, had to read it a couple times :)