Thursday, April 06, 2006

Desktop Wallpaper!

This morning i was staring at our computer wallpaper, which at the time displayed a lovely picture from our trip to the grand canyon, and thought it would be nice to instead have a cute picture of Corrina on there. Dave was at the computer at the time so i asked him if he could put a picture of our baby up. A few minutes later i looked over to see this:
So now we have Corrina, in the Grand Canyon, being visited by a transformer. Ahhh, all our tastes combined into one!
Today has been a really great day. Corrina has had a few nice 1 hour naps, i have dinner going in the crock pot and i made a fruit filled coffee cake! Yum! I am drinking an iced Chai tea, and i think i might take some time and work on our filing system. Calm, together days are really nice. Corrina is currently snoozing in her swing. We will probably go for a little walk once dave gets home, eat dinner, i will visit our friend Tricia and Dave will grocery shop.
Calm days to all!!


justus said...

Great wallpaper! I wish I could do things like that!
Glad you are having a calm day. We are all ill in our home. I will keep this short as I don't want to spread our germs! LOL

JAnie & DAve said...

10 Points to the first person to name that Transformer!

Lori said...

Yay for a calm day. so nice for you to be settling into mommyhood and stuff.

mammasita said...

Glad your having a good day. We think Elaina might be starting to teeth as her bottem gums are swollena and shes cranky again. Ah the fun days :) Thats a really neat wall paper!

westcoastloon said...

I know who the Transformer is! It's
Devastator (I even know that he's a Decepticon -- you put a baddie that close to your baby? I guess Corrina could take him out.)

Am I first? Do I win?
(And even if I'm not, are you proud of you sister for her exceptional Transformer knowledge?)

Much love to you and to the lovely ladies in your life,


JAnie & DAve said...

Congrats, Claire!
10 points for you!

"Impressive. Most impressive."

(oooo, wouldn't that be fun? We could keep a running total of everyone who correctly identifies our pop culture references!)

Way to go, sis. I honestly can't believe you got it, and thus I assume someone told you, but way to go non the less!


westcoastloon said...

What? What?!? You assume someone told me? You impunge my honour!! I Googled it good and proper myself!!

I started Goggling for Transformers that were front end loaders but the only guy had the bucket over his shoulder, not at his foot. That's when I realized that it was one of those 5-guys-in-one things -- front end loader guy, cement mixer guy, buldozer guy. . . .so I Googled for Transformer sets with a construction theme and ta da! There he was.

I feel like someone should be saying "10 points for Gryffindor!!"

Someone told me. . . .huff. . . DID NOT!