Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rolley polley

Janie and Dave ate Rolley Polley's for breakfast (biscuit cinnamon buns), and Corrina rolled from front to back today! Here she is trying! She is so amazing. It was just on friday that she really starting pushing herself around when on her stomache, and now, sunday, she can roll over. She is also spending alot of time trying to shove her WHOLE hand in her mouth and sucking on it. It is very cute to watch. When she is lying under some of her dangley toys she makes attempts to hit them, and today her little hand latched onto a loop dangling in front of her! She is very attentive and loves to smile when people look at her. Needless to say we are having a great time parenting this little treasure.

Also, enjoy the happy family pictures taken just the other day! Thanks for all the comments on the posts. I love reading them, although i don't always get a chance to reply to them.

Tomorrow it is going to be warm in Winnipeg (18). We hope to get a walk in, and then have a bbq/bonfire at our Tricia's place with some friends. What a nice way to start the week. Glee and wonder to all.


westcoastloon said...

Yeah Corrina you can roll over and also eat your fist! Next stop Harvard!! Well, maybe learn that walking and talking thing first, it'll help :)

LOVE love the photos. What a smiley kid. I think I like seeing the photos as much as you like reading the comments.

Sue said...

aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww you three are sooooooo sweet and adorable!! aaaaaaaaah.

What a wonderful time to be alive! all the marvel of a baby exploring is just beginning for you....what an adventure and joy you have is grrrrreat.

savor every minute of it!! :) what a gorgeous smile she has!!
love from me.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Corrina! What a landmark in her life. This is one of the first things (so far as we know) that she can decide to do by herself. She will practice this maneuver over and over and you will often see a grin of satisfaction as she gets onto her stomach.

Keep on enjoying her and keep on sending picture so we can all share in your lives. Thanks so much. Love Mom XX

mammasita said...

Im glad to see that you guys have a pic of the three of you... poor me.. I have to fight to get that one done...
hope everything is going well. Elaina and I are in Kenora right now for the week. So my blog wont be updated for a little while.
Have a good week
take care

Matt said...

Hooray for pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! Wow I can't believe she can roll over already! She is growing and changing so quickley. She is such a bel ti fi (pretty little girl in creole) Don't let her grow up too much before I come home.
Love Candace

Candace said...

Hi, guess what? I now have a blog. I just put some pictures up so everyone can see what I' up to. If you want to check it out the address

Lori said...

Great family photos! Love your blogsite a lot!
I'm planning on coming out there in August for the Maria wedding, so YAY for me, I'll get to see you guys too, and meet the adorable girl!