Wednesday, April 12, 2006


There’s nothing quite like Chocolate, is there? So smooth and sweet, so melt in your mouth. Mmmmm! Chocolate is one of my favourite sweets (and that’s saying a lot!). But there’s a lot about chocolate that I bet you didn’t know! Like did you know that chocolate, when you forget about it in your pocket, will melt very, very quickly? Did you know that even a tiny about of chocolate, say from two tiny Easter eggs, can spread over the surface area of the total contents of said pocket? Keys, key chains, a quarter, even an old shopping list! And did you know that chocolate, although sweet and yummy, is also sticky, stains easily, and does not like to leave a pocket or its contents once it has adhered itself (both physically and emotionally, as I can only imagine). Well I sure do! Chocolate is also giving! I started off with just two little chocolates, and now not only do I now have a lovely brown stain in my pants, but I have also gained smelly keys and a quarter with a much-improved flavour!

Mmmmm, Chocolate! Nothing else like it!
Happy Easter!


bre said...

sweet! i've been spending all of my work breaks studying for my stupid exam and so haven't checked your site in awhile. stellar! when did corrina get so big so as to fill the grand canyon crater? Do you still breastfeed, Janie? It seems like her large size would be a problem for you. but if it works out, . . . stellar!
thanks for your blogs. i promise i'll update mine soon.

justus said...

Chocolate!!!!!! mmmmm.... way to go Dave....
glad to hear all is well with you and your family.