Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beautiful table, wonderful chairs

Our kitchen is now wobble free. While we will miss the lovely blue table that Candace lent us for so long (thank you! It was a BIG blessing!) we are in love with our new round table and chairs, which are nice and sturdy! Before we know it Corrina will be joining us at this new table to gobble down mush and cereal! Here are some picture from our life the past week, and of course the new table and chairs (Thank you mom and dad Colvin. They are perfect!)


Anonymous said...

Mom says,

The table and chairs look great - many happy mealtimes ahead!

I love the PippiLongstocking striped leggings on Corrina - and good to see that she's into denim, great fashion sense already!

The photos are adorable. Dave you're suppose to brush your teeth not suck on the toothbrush! You look pensive and as if you're about to say something very wise - in fact you remind me of a youthful Gandalf the Grey with his pipe!

We need more photos of Janie. Jaaaanie, Jaaaanie, Jaaaanie!!!!

Lots of love and silliness, Mom XX

justus said...

Nice new Table and Chairs. They look wonderful, and I am sure you will have many great times at that table.

Also, Corrina's wonderful leggings, I love them!!

Candace said...

Looks good. Umm, just one question though.... Where are my table and chairs? Just curious :)

Sue said...


Sue said...


JAnie & DAve said...

Don't worry, Candace. Your chairs are at your place and the table is just waiting for someone to move it over.