Thursday, May 04, 2006

Living room Frenzy!

Our Living room is out of control (well, not really, but to me, Janie, it is.) I have such a hard time moving around all the STUFF in it... coffee table, excersize ball, chairs, baby things... ekkk. So for the past week me and dave have been brainstorming how we can arrange our living room. I want practical and esthetically pleasing. Dave just wants me to stop bugging him about moving the living room around (which will never happen... i am a furniture mover, but i am finding it is much harder to move a whole living room than a teenage girls bedroom. My room used to get shuffled at least every 2 months, and that includes me moving it all the way to the basement one weekend when my mom was away. She said i wasn't allowed to, but i was pretty sure she didn't know what she was talking about, and if only i took the time to show her how awesome it would be if i lived in our rec room than her life, and mine, would be alot more complete. I must have been a joy to raise!) But, i think i will feel more satisfied if we can come up with a wonderful way to arrange everything. Now, Dave and i have gone over a gazillion plans, and haven't been able to really "picture" anything, so i here i am, asking for help. What can you do, you ask?! Well, you can leave a comment letting me know your favorite decoratin website, magazine, etc. or you can come over (i'm serious!) and give me your ideas (there are "beauty schools" where one can get cheap hair cuts, well there should be a similar service for interior decor students.. know of any? I would hire one!), or you can put a photo of your living room up on blogger for me to admire, or you can tell me what you think (if you have been here and know what it looks like). I have been going through ikea magazines looking at pictures, to which dave replies "but those show rooms don't have nearly as much furniture as we do... and they aren't real, or lived in". He he he... i know he is right but i am SURE we can have a been arrangement than we presently have. I am now going to take a snap shot of our living room, as is (not put together at all) and let you tell me what you think we could do! All ideas welcome! (I know that having a nice looking living room is pretty trivial, but i have to be at home most of the day and i am ready for a change!)

Computer desk problem (we have to run a phone cord from kitchen to desk. It would be difficult, but doable, to have the desk in a diff spot.)
In the pictures above there are boxes from the table in the middle of the floor. Those, of course, don't live there. The gold chair lives beside the rocker, and the little white book shelf lives right behind it. Oh yes, and the white desk beside the shelves is moving!

Ohkay, decorate my house!


justus said...

BIGGER LIVING SPACE!! ok.. just a suggestion...

Good luck figuring out what you are going to do... I will pray that the Lord shines some light on your situation, and you are motivated to "try" what comes to mine.

Candace said...

Less stuff?

mammasita said...

Oh my Gosh Janie I will come over one of these afternoons and have fun moving things around I LOVE LOVE LOVE moving everything alround I get Andrew to help me move ours around I bet you at least once a month if not more sometimes. I finally moved my around so I love it more room for Elaina to play.. I will have to take pics of it tomorrow sometime and post them on my blog for you.. youve been to my place.. hehehe..
anyways have fun.
take care

JAnie & DAve said...

yes, we do have lots of stuff, but believe me we have given tons away. iThanks for the encouragement. we may have found a floor plan we like... we are just going to have to tryt things out! ekkk, it is cold here todat! freezing! i want to be in australia today please!
good days to all! janie

Anonymous said...

Mom said,

Whatever design you come up with Janie & Dave, please remember that in 3 months Corrina will be mobile so everything that is not nailed down has to be 3 feet off the floor OK? Before you know it she will be pulling herself upright by holding on to the furniture.

FYI we love your apartment but do understand that you want to rearrange it. Unfortunately I'm not the person to advise. Claire might come up with some suggestions.

Just so long as there's room for us to crash on the couch when we come
for Canada Day!

Love, Mom XX

Sue said...

just put some chairs on the ceiling, a table too, upside down preferably. Then you will have alllll sorts of floor space to play, and a very futuristic study spot.

open space is nice, but not always practical if say you live in an appt. or basement. :) i'm sure your place will look super creative and D&J-ish. :)


kelly said...

oh my gosh! i am the same! i LOOOOVE rearranging furniture! In our last place though, i never could because there wasn't enough space - it only fit one way! i am so excited that we have the options in our new place, but it looks like you have a challenge on your hands! no suggestions to offer at this point, but have fun... :)

Lori said...

I totally remember you being like that Janie, wanting to rearange!! But alas in the dorm rooms, everything was fixed in place and no creativity could happen. And it frustrated you, I do remember that!
If I could actually see your place I might have ideas, but I don't. Sorry!

JAnie & DAve said...

Ahhh, dorm. That was fun, and not fun all at the same time! But it was a wonderful experience!
Dave just informed me that the pictues i posted made our place look awful, and that it really isn't as bad as the pics portray it to be, or as bad as i describe it to be! I exaggerate things sometimes! I was more just venting really, and now i am done, and everything is back in perspective! I am just very thankful for a place to live and breath and eat and raise little babies!
Happy happy weekend to my fellow bloggers!

westcoastloon said...

Hey Janie and Dave and Corrina,

Thinking about the room redo the first thought that came to mind was -- what if you put the 2 desks back to back to free up some wall space? If you rotated the computer desk to be perpendicular to the wall where it is now and put Janie's craft desk facing it (ie the backs of the desks together) you get a big desk...then you could put the couch over on the wall where the bookcases are now. . .I don't know. I like your room the way it is now.