Monday, May 29, 2006


I just have two things to say:

First of all, how cool is This Article. Invisibility! I LOVE this stuff! (and this is WAY cooler than that article Wired ran a few years back.

Secondly, I was reminded the other day of an ancient Dave-ian proverb from my childhood, and I thought I would share.

Find a penny, Pick it up
And all day you'll have a penny.

(I was very practical as a child at times).

Peace out, Napoleon.


Sarah said...

I read a similar article on CBC today about the 'Invisibility Cloak.' Our reasons for reading probably differed slightly... you LOVE cool stuff like this (and yeah, I like it too)... but my primary reaction was "Invisibility Cloaks! Just like in HARRY POTTER!!!" And sure enough, there was a photo of a Potter action figure on the CBC article. I'm SUCH a NERD.

(it's all part of my charm. Right.)

Sarah said...

(p.s. I like "no one cares" better than "someone cares." but that's probably because i find pessimism humourous.)

Anonymous said...

Mom said:

Yes Dave I remember you saying "see penny pick it up" and you did have a practical turn of mind even then.

Glad to see you are reading widely and how fascinating that invisibility might actually be feasible one day. Very exciting.

Love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

You are charming sarah! I am going to visit your house today, if anyone would be home to receive my visiting! If dave were invisible, what would he do??? Probably sneak into comic book shows and touch things he not suppose to (toys, you perverts)