Saturday, May 27, 2006

Beautiful wonders of mine

Dave and Corrie
Originally uploaded by JAnie & DAve.
I love Dave and Corrina to death. In all my dreams of who our baby would be, i never even began to imagine a person as soft, cuddly, pretty, cute, and sweet as Corrina. I think that alot of her sweetness comes from Dave. We pray that her personality contains all our best qualities, plus those that God will develop in her throughout her lifetime. I think she will be a character. We also pray that as she blossoms we can see hints of Jamie's buoyancy in her. That would be a gift. We treasure our little baby sweetums, in all her rolley-polley ways.

-An infatuated mother


justus said...

beautiful pictures. It is so true, that God is so wonderful when showing us things with our babies

westcoastloon said...

Your pics are so cute they're making me make noises -- they're better than a puupy!

Sue said...


Praying for our children is such a blessing. i am so so so glad that we have a link to the eternal, that parenting is more than 'care' and that we can trust God to help us shepherd and love the children He gives us.

what a darling you have!! i WISH julia could play with her!! she loves her so. and would love to hold her too. :) she loves holding babies!