Sunday, May 14, 2006

The joys of a mother

This is Corrina sitting in her "rocking" chair that we received from two lovely ladies at church. Here she can practice her swatting. When the cowie gets pulled-on it sings a song. For the last little while she has been able to grab the cowie, but she has never made it sing. Just the other night dave and i were in another room and we heard the cowie singing! Our little daughter can pull things! What a doll!
Ruffle Bum! While she was lying on our bed during this photo shoot she started wriggling her little knees and was pushing herself upwards with her feet and knees! She was trying so hard to squirm along!!! How adorable.

Wow, my first mother's day! Today has been wonderful. Plus, not only do i get 1 day for mother's day, i get a whole week. Dave is on vacation and we are going to do many wonderful things to enrich our lives! We have been reading the Bible together, and we will do lots more of that this week. We will paint some shelves and hooks for Corrie's room, and then hang them up. We are going to rearrange the living room, and maybe the bedroom. Will might go garage saleing on saturday, and maybe bring some friends along too! I AM SO HAPPY! I love being a mother, and my joy is increasing because:
CORRINA CAN PUT HERSELF BACK TO SLEEP!!! Saturday morning she woke up at 6:30... a little early, but better than 5:45 like the day before. I went in, gave her a soother, left, and listened. She played and squeeled (sooo cute!) for about 20 minutues, and then i gave her a soother again, and she quieted down and went to sleep! Just now she woke up midway through a nap, and we gave her a soother and left, and she is back asleep! I am so happy. She is doing just wonderful and we are blessed to have a happy baby. She brings joy to many people (she gets passed around alot at church and spreads her love that way!).

I had a first with Corrina last night. We snuggled in a warm and cozy bath tub together! It was so amazing to hang out with her in the nude (won't include any pitures!) and feel her silky skin on my tummy! I sat her up in my lap so that the water was up to her shoulders and she kicked her little feet around and tried to drink the water at every chance. It was such a wonderful bonding experience. Dave then washed her up, while i held her! He took her and put her to bed and i got to stay and lounge in the soozing bath! So really my mother's day started last night.

What did you do for mother's day?

Claire: you can see from the photo of her in the dress you bought her just how much she has grown!

PS> Please take time to view the video and let us know if it works!


mammasita said...

awww. she is a doll! Glad you are having a good mothers day. Mine so far has been nice. We went out for lunch. right now elaina is down for a nap; hope she will be happy when she awakes.
take care.
talk to you soon.

Sarah said...

sounds like you're having a great weekend! I can see the video.. precious! Happy Mothers' Day!

justus said...

Happy Mother's Day Janie.
I hope that you get to have a great week together with you family.
The video iw very cute.
Taylor said she is a cute little girl, but wants to know where her hair is.
Isn't bath time together so much fun.
Have a Blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad said:

Yay! after a very slow load and start up we were able to play the video.

What a cutie pie! Thanks so much for putting the vid on the blog.

Love, Mom & Dad XX

mammasita said...

that was a really cute video...
that wasnt there when I left a message before hehehee

Sue said...

your joy has spread and filled my heart too, what a wonderful place to be in life....a mother. i love it so much!!

your little doll...oh man! so sweet. i am THRILLED ABOUT THE sleep improvements...oooh the happiness i felt in my heart when Julia began is allll up from here! more sleep coming YOUR way!! :)

oooh and baths together!! sooo lovely!! ahaha. i love that.

you are all so sweet and lovely and wonderful, thank you for sharing your life with us!!!
from sue

Sue said...


Julia WON'T STOP WATCHING YOUR LITTLE VIDEO!! hahahaha. she keeps asking to see baby 'Coreeeena'


Lori said...

sad me, I couldn't see the video. Not sure why... The pictures were great though!!!

tammy said...

oh janie, i am so happy for you. you guys look so happy. i hope you had a wonderful mothers day. you deserve it. i watch the slide shows and thought it was amazing. i alwasy love to look at your photos. you are looking so lovely and happy! i miss you so much and love you!!!


tammy said...

oh janie. you are so blessed. you look wonderful and happy. i love to see all your pictures. i just watched your slide show it was awesome.i am glad to hear your mothers day was good. love you and miss you

tammy said...

hey janie, this leave a message thing is new to me. i didn't think the first one went through. which is why there are two there that are almost the same.
i am not very computer oriented as you know
take care

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks for all the comments. We will put a few more videos up one day to share the joy of babies! I am so glad that we can host videos on here, that way alot of you wonderful people can know a little more of what COrrina is like!
I will post a new message soon, with some crazy adventures.. but for now there is much cleaning to be done. We are rearranging our living space, and we are almost done! Have a sunny day

Lori said...

I could see the video this time! I was on my parents dial up when I tried before. Much better now. I almost feel like I know Corrina already :)

bre said...

hey guys!

i watched your video. funny thing is that it was at work and because of the sound configuration janie's voice boomed out of my speakers like the voice of God. it was SOOOOO loud. funny! Just thought you should know!