Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where we've been

Hello readers. Dave is almost done his week-ish of holidays so my lonely days will soon return. We didn't take too many pictures during the week, but we did some fun things! We watched some movies, went for walks, fed Corrina baby cereal for the first time. Oh yeah, she is now 4 months old! We can't believe how the time has passed. Life with her is wonderful. I think she likes her new treat of cereal, simply based on the fact that she swallows it! It is so funny to prepare a tbsp of food, and she doesn't even finish that small amount. Little tummies! She was weighed last week and she was 14lbs 12oz. She has taken a few baths in the big, real tub because she is too long for a baby tub now. Growing is good!
We has a little adventure while on holidays that got our pulse racing a little. We went for a walk one afternoon down by the river. Right now the river is flooded so the river walk is closed, but the ramp down to the walk was no longer blocked off. Dave wanted to throw a twig into the water and watch it move downstream (pooh sticks anyone?), so we ventured down the ramp to where the water came up over the riverwalk. Dave threw his twig and we stood there a few minutes watching it go. While we were standing there the wind picked up a little and we heard it russeling through the trees that were right beside us. I was rocking Corrina back and forth in her stroller when i heard a creaking sound, looked up, and tree was coming down on us. Dave was directly under it, and i had just pushed Corrina out of the way by means of rocking her. I scooted to the side, Dave dashed over beside us, and Corrina just slept! Eeeeeekkkk. So, a tree nearly feel on us. Wow. We were about 5 minutes away from home so we decided we would be safest there and we cut our walk short. We are glad that nothing did come of this. It is doubtful that we would have been seriously injured by the medium sized tree, but i am sure there would have at least been some broken bones and maybe some bloody heads! We are thankful that God is always watching out for us. No more walks down by the river for a few weeks.
We spent time rearraning our living room, playing video games, having fun with Corrina, shopping, going to bbq's (happy birthday candace), going to weddings (yeah for odie and zach), i sewed little summer capries for Corrie, we played a few games together, and just enjoyed every moment together. So here are a few photos, and a video


Sue said...

dear janie and dave,

we love corrie, and you too..haha. Julia just wants to watch her again and again. :)

from us

justus said...

What a great video. Glad you have had a wonderful time with Dave's week off. It sure is amazing how the Lord works, isn't it.
Glad nobody got hurt with the falling tree.

mammasita said...

WOW!!! gotta love when you can start feeding them solid food! I have Elaina on almost everything now.. (for the first stage of food) just wait til she gets so excited she knocks all the food all over the place. when your feeding make sure you have a wipe or two near by. I find it easier to feed her naked lol. The other day I made some baby food for her Carrots :) that was fun to do. I cant wait to make her more. Today I fed her some fruit she liked it but she took a bit to take it. Corrina is growing so fast she has gotta chubbier cheaks?? Walks are so wonderful arnt they! That seemed to be a scarry walk though. Glad you are all safe and the Tree is out of the way hehee. Love seeing the videos and all the pics. I have been waiting all week to see them :) I just love seeing pics of babys!!!!! oooh I love babys!!!!
anyways Take care!
happy feeding!

Anonymous said...

Mom said:

Loved the new video. I couldn't get any sound but I think that's probably my computer - did anyone else get sound?

Praise God that no one was hurt when the tree came down.

Glad you had a good time together while Dave was off work. Fun family times and you made some memories.

Love you lots,

Mom & Dad XX

Sue said...

we had sound, her little gurgles are so cute...yours are too dave. haha.

Anonymous said...

Mom said: Aha! I've just found the problem of no sound - the speakers were unplugged!! Doh!

Even cuter with sound.

So exciting that Corrie is eating cereal now. Doesn't time fly?

Love, Mom XX

Lori said...

glad you're all safe! The video's so cute!!!