Thursday, June 15, 2006

Corrina and Friends

Corrie has had some visitors the last little while and i have pictures to prove it!

Here is Corrie and Aunty Candace (who just wrote her RN examine and now is an official Nurse at the Neo-natal intensive care unit, the place where you don't want your baby to go! Way to go Candace!)
Then we have Naniya, our wonderful friend from College (well, she was in seminary at the time, but we were in college!). This was her first time meeting Corrina and i think they fell in love!
Here is the star of our show, grabing her feetsies, and giving me her new patented "what is that silver thing you keep pointing at me" look. "I'm not smiling for that!"
The little green linen pants are my very own creation! I cut apart a pair of her too-small pants, traced them, added inches, worried that i had no clue what i was doing (because i didn't) and magically came up with these comfy summer pants for corrie! And all for free because they are made from my left over skirt material! Can't beat that price. Oh, and i love ricrac on baby clothes, so of course the finishing touch was a wavy trim!

After about 20 minutes of photo taking Corrina got comfy with the camera and started to talk to it. If you have heard her lately you know that her talking sorta sounds like "baaing". We ask her what a sheep says, and she can tell us! So technically she is baaaing at the camera! In this photo she is sporting her new dress made with love by Aunty Heather, the master of the sewing world. You can't see it in this photo but it has a beautiful vintage eyelet lace trim! I have never seen anyone wip up so many creations, so beautifully, in such a short time. She has such an eye for color and design. have you met her and all her wonderful clothes? Looking into her closet is like staring at the most brilliant and beautiful kaleidoscope! Thanks Heather!
This weekend we get to adventure into the melting pot for a few days of fun and shopping. We are going to hit all the hot spots: Mall of America (highlight: lego land), Valley fair (highlight: hanging upside down on anything!), Ikea (highlight: ikea stuff!), Target, and maybe a science museum. And the best part is spending time with our good friends Bre and Ernie, in a car, with lots of good music.
Any Road-trip-with-baby tips from you parents who have done this?

You are a pizza!


Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad say:

Have a wonderful trip. Make frequent diaper-change stops (nothing kills car trip enjoyment like a stinky diaper which leads to a cranky uncomfortable child). Pack loads of disposables (you'll use more than usual) and some plastic bags for garbage.

Be glad you are nursing, so much less hassle than keeping formula cool until you need it and then having to find a way to warm it up for baby.

Take a small, basic first-aid kit
(bandaids, antiseptic ointment for cuts, tylenol, couple of sore throat lozenges, Immodium) sunscreen and anti-bug spray.

Don't forget to take Corrina's birth certificate or some kind of proof that you are her parents or you will have trouble at the border. Call ahead to the border and ask what paperwork is needed. They are very tricky about taking children out of the country.

Stay hydrated and protect yourselves from the anticipated hot weather.

Most of all - HAVE FUN! We'll chat when you get back. Love, Mom & Dad XX

mammasita said...

Oh wow that sounds like lots of fun. I have only done a two hour road trip with elaina doing it again at the end of the month.. anyways most of the ways she slept. and then she was really good the rest of the way...
hope you have lots of fun and take lots of pictures.

JAnie & DAve said...

oh me oh my! The birthcertificate is in the mail for corrina, so this morning we ran into a few trouble. Thanks Mary for calling us to set us on the track of finding proper id for Corrina. We need a doc's letter or a hospital letter, but every single person we have contacted has fallen through! Eeek... we will make it down there though. I think we are just going to pay the big service fee (for our respsonsibility) and have the 24hr birthcertificate service. To the states with us!!! That's my mini update. Wow, i have not made so many phone calls in one morning in many many months.
Have a super, phone-call-free day!

justus said...

Janie, enjoy your trip, do some extra shopping for me... It is so hard not shopping before you move...

Stay safe! Drive Safe, and drink tons of water!!

I will pray for your safe trip!

Sue said...

oooooh sounds like a blast Janers. Corrie is at a great travel age: sleep eat change. :) if it is HOT, car seats get gross and sticky for little munckins, i don't have an answer for this yet...but it gets REALLY sweaty in the seat. which leads to upset child. :) i think making a sleeper out of Freezies might be nice...perhaps too cold?? :)

THOSE PANTS ARE AWESOME!!! i love them!! way to go with the sweet. oh just lovely. and with that shirt...what a Dave and Janie child you have, so cute and stylish!!

loves. from me.

JAnie & DAve said...

ooo, sticky seats are ICKY seats! Maybe a light blanket between her skin and the seat would help? Or just wiping and airing it out when we get the chance?

Thanks for the advice everybody!

JAnie & DAve said...

Yes thank you!

westcoastloon said...

All the girls at work agree -- you've got one cute kid!

Happy traveling!

the salmon said...

she's looking super cute! looks like you're doing a great job, janie & dave!