Sunday, June 11, 2006


I absolutely fill with joy when i hear Corrina giggle.
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the g's said...

sooooo cute!!! not only is she beautiful but she has a great sense of humor- what a fabulous giggle! love the video- next best thing to meeting corrina in person:)

justus said...

wow! good work getting her to giggle!
She sure is growing fast. What a great post!

mammasita said...

awwwww. so cute.
Elaina is just starting to giggle..

Sue said...



soooooo sweet!!! man, you guys wrote enough for five weeks....whew, i just got through it all! ha.
THe FEst. sounds like an awesome place!! one reason i'd love to live in Winnipeg is all the folkish stuff they have...always an art fair, or folk fest happening. i would LOVE THAT. here it is mostly tractor pulls and rodeos, which are okay...for the animals and farmishness of it all, but it just isn't the same....

what adventures you three are having.

Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad said:

In our totally unbiased opinions


Lots of love, from Us

westcoastloon said...

Love it! Love you guys! More videos please!

ps I think the Mail Fairy might be showing up at your place soon.

mammasita said...

I just cant get enought of those giggles heheheee

JAnie & DAve said...

silly corrie has gone on a giggle fast as of late. I just can't get any giggles out of her. I guess i am just going to have to get more creative! i will post some darling pictures of us soon.. just a little too busy right now to sit down and get them uploaded.