Friday, June 16, 2006

doof Tnrub

I said i would make scones for our upcoming road trip. I found a great Honey Date scone recipie, and made it, following to the T! Then i put them in the oven at the temp and time suggested, and they came out looking like this:

Arrrg. Since i had run out of milk i decided to try a different scone recipe that called for sour cream. I added honey instead of sugar, and put in dates again. But, since honey is a liquid sweetner i forgot to add less sour cream and just ended up adding more flour. I thought they would work, but they are taking forever to Bake! They are wet on the inside.

I think life can sometimes be like these fricken scones. You have the perfect recipe and it is working so well, except in the end it burns. Plus, you can't make another batch because you run out of milk. in the words of my friend Nap D. "gooosshh"

Stupid scones.

No worries, i am already having a better day! I just had a little venting to do.
Catch our trip tales next week.


mammasita said...

thats why I dont bake to often hehee

justus said...

sometimes baking sucks...
your so right, about living being like baking...

We are into our new house.. and all very very tired...
wait.. with the exception of Taylor..

Have a great trip, drive safe.
We will be praying for you!

Sue said...

it is so good to hear that a culinary artist like yourself has these difficulties too! :) haha.

i can't wait to hear about your trip!!

from me.

llama said...

dave stop spitting me in the face