Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another quick article, in need of critique

No, this is not an update on our recent trip. It is however a chance for you to read and critique another article for me. This is meant to be put on a poster to be hung in and around our church, addressed to young people. Please let me know what you think.


How to Go to Church: 10 simple things YOU can do to make going to church easier, more fun, and best of all more meaningful.

1. Get enough sleep Saturday Night. You’ll never connect with what’s going on if you’re falling asleep. You don’t have to go to bed at 8:00pm or anything, but try to make sure you have enough sleep behind you to be alert, not just semi-conscious.

2. Sit with Friends. You love spending time with your friends, so go ahead. Pretty much everything is more fun with your friends around. After all, church is about community, right? If you don’t have friends at the service, bring one with you!

3. Get involved. Life is more interesting if you get involved. So join a group, commit as a volunteer, and get into it. If you don’t see anything in the church that you want to be a part of, then START something that you would want to belong to. Church is a lot more than just Sunday morning.

4. Start taking things personally. God is interested in you and your life. He wants more than you bum in the pew--He wants you to get to know Him and for you to trust Him. A church service is a great opportunity to connect with God personally. Take advantage of that.

5. Get to know people.

6. Sing the songs. Even if you don't know them. Even if you don’t think you can sing. Especially if you don’t think you can sing.

7. Enjoy yourself. Smile. Stop worrying if you look “cool” or not and just relax. This is a church. It’s the last place people should be judging you.

8. Engage yourself in the service. Listen to the sermon, and think about it. Do you agree or disagree with what’s being said? Ask someone else what they thought about the service, and how it impacts your life (or how it doesn’t). Listen to the prayers, and think about what the world would be like if God answered them. Engage your mind and your heart.

9. Realize that you need the church. Going to church and being a part of the community is an important part of having a personal relationship with God.

10. Realize that the Church needs YOU. You have a responsibility to this church as a member of the community. It is your duty to show up, to take part, and to be who God made you to be. People are depending on you. Now what are you going to do about it?

Recently a survey went out to our church members about Youth ministry, and they all said that they want to see YOU, the young people, as a part of the church. They want you to be involved. They want to get to know you, because you matter to them.


Sue said...

i love it. I LOVE IT!

very much.


JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks Sue! I hope my boss feels the same way!

Just so every one knows, the finished copy is more interestingly formatted, and features funky little birdies flying about. Very psuedo-retro!


JAnie & DAve said...

Neat, creative, thoughtful, and in your face (which sometimes works and sometimes backfires.)

I think you are on your way home now, so see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Mom said: I love it too.

Paragraph 4 has a spelling error, you left the "r" off "your bum". Otherwise its great.

Love Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

I'm thinking maybe the title should read "10 suggestions on how to make going to church easier, more fun, and more meaningful"

Less edgy, wouldn't you say?

justus said...

Dave, wow...
I wish we had found a church here, but I guess that will come soon.

Glad you are doing so much great work!

the salmon said...

i think thats great dave, i would like to offer it to our youth pastor as a fun poster to put up for the fall.

my only suggest is to switch 10 with 9. its a little less preachy to say "church needs YOU" first then to say "you need church". IMO

(former coworker of your sister)