Friday, June 30, 2006

Rainbow of Glass

I have many hobbies that were put aside for college, marriage, and childrearing. One of them is beading. Abbostford has the BEST beading store i have ever set foot in: Strung out on beads (a make-you-laugh name too!). The environment breeds creativity and one cannot leave without a pile of colors and inspiration. The beading store in Winnipeg is not as snazy. It is without beaded art hanging from the ceiling, creaky wooden floors, showcase after showcase of beautiful jelewlry created by locals and store owner hippy lady, local and colorful paintings spicing up the wall space, wild owners, and the most amazing selection of beads i have ever laid eyes on. But, i am not in Abbotsford, so i will forget my woes and move on! Dave gave me a gift certificate to the beading store for Christmas and i just decided to use it earlier this week. I got a little carried away and ended up spending too much, but the necklaces i made are lovely. One is simple, blue and glassey. I rarely choose blue when dressing myself or my neck, but recently i have been trying to broaden my wardrobe from green and red (Christmas all year!), to blue, and pink, and a bit of yellow... Here is necklace number one:
And then i got a little carried away and created a rainbow of lovely neck decorating delight!

I wear my lovely Jewelry with fond memories of the colorful beadstore that i miss.


mammasita said...

Janie, that looks like you were having some fun there. I just decided to check out everyones blog before I went to kenora im at my grandmas just waiting for my uncle to be ready. OH MY GOSH ELAINA CRAWLED TODAY SHE TOOK LIKE 5 CRAWL STEPS IM So EXCITED!!!!!!!

the g's said...

beautiful janie! way to get back to your hobbies- so great having something you love to do- and so important to keep up with those things- and day you can teach corrina! yes, strung out on beads is one amazing store-hard to beat! have a great canadian weekend!

Tammy said...

i have to agree strung out on beads is the best bead store. however you have done quite well with what you found out there in MB. you are a great beader and you have a wonderfully creative mind. i still wear the necklace from your wedding. you'll get a kick out of this. Last week i was walking through the mall and i went into Peoples (because i like to dream) and the lady working there said,"that is the most beautiful necklace, where did you ever get that"? i told her you made it. just thought it was funny. she is around the most brilliant and expensive jewelry all day and she thought your art was wonderful! and it is!
Happy Canada Day!!!!
love tammy

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks tammy! That is super neat. Wow, maybe i will go into business! you can be my tester and wear things around to see if people like them!

Hope you all had a great canada day
aren't you glad we are in a free country with public health care. I like it

Rachel Z said...

I love the crazy one, it's perfect for crazy you.

westcoastloon said...

Oh my goodness Janie! The "rainbow of lovely neck decorating delight" is GOREGEOUS!!!!!

If you ever do decide to go into business, let me know. I'll place an order!

Hmm, I'm not so very far away from Abby. Perhaps I should take a little road trip and look in on your bead store for you.

Sue said...

i love the necklaces janers!! absolutely lovely!! great store, strung out on beads. i liked it too. fun stuff.

you are so creative, a great eye for color have thee. :)

make more. let us see!! :)

love from me

westcoastloon said...

hey Janie, me again, did you see that Strung Out on Beads has a little website? You can see pics from the store. Maybe a little taste to tide you over.

It was good to talk to you today :)

Tammy said...

wow, i went to the website for Strung Out On Beads. those pictures sure bring back a lot of memories. Those were some good times. Makes me miss ya tons. been nice to talk to you lately. I will call you one night here soon.
love ya
smoochie your babe from me. (corrina not dave, no offance dave!)
love tammy

justus said...

Wow Janie, they look great!
Glad you are able to get back to things you did before. It sure is hard to find time to do things.

Blessings from our house to yours!

JAnie & DAve said...

Oooh, there's an idea, go into business. Hmmm. I could open a whole rainbow inspired emporium of journals, stationary, cards, jewelry, and other lovely house decor! Dave could even take part with his ingenious artistic abilities. Hmmmm.

Thanks for the compliments everyone.

Sue said...

do it do it!!

that would be awesome!

transform winnipegs bead market!!

go go go creative genes! :)