Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Human contact withdrawl

Over the weekend we had Mom and Dad Colvin visiting with us. I LOVED having them around. We did fun things together, like play board games, and east "family meals" at the table. Even when we were just sitting in the living room all reading books i felt energized. Why, oh why, do we all live in our own little spaces and houses. I am sooo bored now. I don't know what to do with myself. I am going to go out for a walk this afternoon, to the library and to buy a decent backpack, but right NOW i have no energy and it is only 11 am. AARRRRg, i don't know what to do with myself. I know i am not alone in this struggle, that there are other extreme extraverts out there who don't function anymore after about an hour of being alone. This is an ongoing struggle. Maybe me, dave and Corrina will move back into a dorm. Or maybe i just need to make sure i visit with people everyday. Or maybe i will have lots of kids, or ... i don't know...
Oh well, this too shall pass. One day, before i know it, i will be back in school, working, having a family, and be longing for these 'free time' mornings of boredom.
That's all, i have vented.
I wish everyone energized days.


Sue said...

ooooh alas poor janers, you are alone. that is so sad after a whirlwind visit. the quiet and all. oh wait, ha, it isn't quiet here at ALL! haha. I think you will feel better once Corrie is older and talking with you more, doing more activities with you and invading your space constantly. :) then perhaps the extravert in you will begin to be satisfied again. hahaha.
you are hilarious.

loves to you all. wish we could hang out, go fruit picking, park playing, beach wading, etc.

from sue

justus said...

Well Janie, now you know where Keyra is, and she is home from Kenora. You guys will have to keep eachother busy while the spouses are at work. I am sure that you guys would enjoy eachothers company!
Being around family for the weekend, and then coming home to an empty house sure isn't easy. I can't wait for friends and family to start visiting, and coming to see us. I sucks sometimes being so far away from our family!

Tammy said...

i know how you feel. i hate to be in the house alone. i love to have people around even if we are all doing different things. there is just a different feeling having a full place. when we have company come i feel so lonely for a while after they leave. being in nanaimo is hard because i don't have the option to just go hang out, or to stop by someones house, or to call someone over for tea or a movie. but you are right this too will pass. it's life and we get over it. however if i had a choice. i would have a full house all the time.
love you guys!

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks all for understanding.
Tammy, i know we functioned well together because we could do completely different things and just being together was enough. I miss living down the road from you.
Sue, thanks for the phone call. I will call you back soon, but maybe not until next week because i have folk fest this weekend.
Robyn: Yes, i hope me and keyra hang lots!


mammasita said...

I so felt the same Janie!! When I got home today from Kenora. I felt lonely even with elaina with me. felt so tired. Im so sore cuz my dads bed is so uncomfy... anyways.. we still going to go to the moms group next wed??? I had a lot of fun last time, I guess I really learned something with those skin infections we learned about as Elaina ended up with one and found out the next day... anyways I will tell you about it when we meet next.

take care.

Kari said...

Poor you Janie....I know that's always been a concern of mine in staying home all that time! Maybe one day when I'm home permanently as well, we could let our kiddies play together!! :)

the g's said...

hey janie!
i understand the withdrawl thing- sometimes when i'm home all day and matt gets home it feels like i say everything i've stored up all day to him and talk his ear off- poor guy:) i love having friends also on mat leave (jolene and i do things a few times a week!) and who have afternoons off of work. i have also enjoyed checking out radio programs like focus on the family and family life- learn lots of great parenting and marriage stuff as well as it's nice having conversations going on. hope you don't go crazy with boredom but can enjoy a different phase of life- as sue said- in no time corrina will be chatting your ears off!!!
love ya lots!!!

Maria Jane Tuininga said...

hey dudes.

hey Janie!!! Have you found solutions to your living room yet...?
just wondering... Feel free to stop in for a small frap, or just a short walk sometime... Good times, hm?
Yah. I'd love to see you and Corinna again... so lemme know when works for YOU m'lady.
um - otherwise, thanks for the notes. And being SO amazing, at writing on blogs, and sending emails, and responses. you rock. all the time. Love the jewellery!
HOT STUFF!!!!!!!

talk to you later gawgeous (that's gorgeous... but as my neice Tia would say it... he he!)


Lori said...

it does happen to all of us. Even us who aren't fully extroverted. I like to have my alone time, but once I'm done having my alone time, I'M DONE! Give me people!!! sometimes you do have to simply take it easy and deal with those feelings, and sometimes, you just go out and find people.
love ya