Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rolling Pin

Our house is full of new baby moving action! Corrie, after weeks of trying, can roll over from her back to her front. Last night was her first official roll. She was in the crib, naked, and i was getting her towel for bath time. When i turned around she was on her tummy! Today there has been no end to her movement. I have put her back to the far corner of her blanket so many times, and she keeps ending up over by my feet! I love it!

Here is a little photo preview of our mini-holiday. Dave and i will write about it later!

"It is not what we learn in conversation that enriches us. It is the elation that comes of swift contact with tingling currents of thought." -Agnes Repplier


Anonymous said...

So Corrie is rolling over the "hard" way from back to front now. Can't wait to see it - soon, soon.

Love the photo of you and Dave - it cracked me up.

Looking forward to hearing all about your road trip.

Lots of love, Mom XX

Rachel Z said...

My little friend Janie ... all grown up and a Mama already! I had great fun catching up on your life and am so pleased to know that you are honouring God with your life as a wife and mother. I'll check your site often. Stop by to see mine - it's still new but will grow quickly.

Love, Rachel

Sue said...

aaaaaaaaaaaawwwww you are so sweet and cute and lovely in your hair!

yippee for rollling!

JAnie & DAve said...

Rachel! hello. You came and went and i clicked on your link to your profile, but your blog isn't listed there. I have done a few cyber searches and came up with nothing. Where is cyber space can i find you? If you stop by again let me know.

Hello everyone else!

justus said...

Wow, the glimpse of your trip looks like it was fun. I hope to see more.

Glad that babe is rolling. I am sure that her and Elaina would have a great time teaching eachother things!

Have a great night, hope to see more soon!

mammasita said...

looks like you had lots of fun!
cant wait to hear about it. Today Elaina was so so talkative I think it was the most she has ever blabed.
Its so cute!!hehehe now that corrina is moving around in the next month she will be up ready to crawl and will be able to figure out how to get around all over the living room...
its amaizing how much they learn and how quick. Elaina got to play with a 10 and half month old boy tonight and he is learning to walk.
I love babies

Rachel Z said...

Did you find me yet?

the g's said...

yay for rolling!! that's so awesome...she's growing up so much...and i'm looking forward to see more on your mini vacation...have a great weekend you guys!