Monday, June 05, 2006

Saturday Night Fever...

minus the polyester and disco dancing. Things were still hot, but not as hot as John Travolta in the 1977 disco classic!
In my case it was just my head that was hot. My saturday night fever was not fun. I have not had a bad cold like this in a very long time. Sure, i get colds all the time, but they are the usual sore throat, runny nose variety. This cold came on strong! It started friday afternoon, and by evening I had the worst sinus headache i have ever experienced. Dave was out at Youth and i sat on the bed in agony wishing that i was in labour instead. EEEk. I eventually remebered i could take tylenol while breastfeeding, and the problem went away. But, soon to follow was my 'saturday night fever.' I had dellusions the entire night about "the right pillow" and i could not sleep because my pillow was not the right shape, size, softness, material, electrical (it is hard now to recall these pathological beliefs that i held at the time, but i am sure if you asked me in the moment i would have been quite convinced that there really was a whole world of pillow madness out there that was effecting my sleep in a very negative way, and reason would not have swayed me.)! So i tossed and turned and evntualy me and a new pillow (that i either found on the floor or perhaps stole from under dave's head) ended up at the foot of the bed. Corrina slept well, in that she only woke up once that night, which allowed me to actually get the rest i needed, once i solved the pillow problem that is.
I am mostly better now, although still stuffy in the nose and froggy in the throat! And man, did i look bad the whole weekend. The hair on my head was sticking out here and there (imagine your own animated gestures), kleenex littered the entire house, sniff sniff, blow blow were the sweet sounds that filled the air, and although i couldn't smell it myself, the house smelled like 'sick', as dave kept informing me (a combination of sweaty Janie, dirty catbox, baby poo, wet dishcloth, and garlicy garbage.) We have since remedied the smell and now if you visit us you will enjoy the tantalizing aroma of vanilla, wafting from our glade plug in!
Have i helped you to enjoy the experience! I hope so!

Dave a had great friday night Youth group! Lots of youth, lots of games, lots of noise, lots of fun! We had a splendid potluck last night with our friends! We ate GREAT food: carrot bananna raisin curry (don't know the 'name of the recipie), haitian eggplant goodness (again, nameless), excellent accident-rice (too much cardamom was a good thing!), hummus, and rockin moroccan stew! Yum Yum Yum!

I just realized that Dave posted something, must have been from work, just a few minutes ago. If i post this, i will have over-blogged him, and he doesn't like that. Soooo, if you are reading this, you should keep going and read the post under here too!



Kari said...

Hi Janie!!
I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather...I had that same affliction a few weeks ago (which, apparently, is sweeping Winnipeg!!), and it was not fun....thankfully I don't have a little one to take care of too!! Much to my chagrin, my mom's remedy actually is what broke the cold...I hate it when she's right!! There's a nasal "cleanser" called Aquasense (it comes from Shoppers, etc), which is basically seawater (so therefore baby safe!!) that shoots up your nose and cleans everything can use it 4 times a day and it really, really helped!!! It's a little pricey (just over $10), but lasts forever (for the next cold!!).....Hope this helps!!


Sue said...

ooooooooooooh poor poor girl! that sounds TERRIBLE! aweful and yuck come to mind. ug. i remember the feeling of, "if i don't fall asleep soon, baby will be up and i won't sleep a wink tonight". i really disliked that feeling. ug.

i am soooo glad you are feeling better, and i hope you have lots of tea and hugs and love from everyone.

from me. :)

JAnie & DAve said...

Ahhh, yes, nose spray and tea! both have been my very good friends! Every hour that passes i feel better!

JAnie & DAve said...

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