Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Twist Tonguer

Have you ever come up with a Tongue Twister? I have! I did so on my way to work this morning!
I was a little tiny, baby bug crawling on a tree stump, and tried to say

"Little Baby Lady Bug"

but couldn't spit it out! I tried it three times fast and it just got worse! Okay, but now as I write it out, I'm having no trouble saying it. Crap. Oh well, try it for yourself.

Peace out, Napolepon.


JAnie & DAve said...

Oh my Davolean Colvinmyte, you are something else!

I said it very fast, you hear me, on the phone!
ta ha ha
don't eat your cheesecake yet, i know you want to, but you should eat that apple first!

I will eat alllll the cheesecake on the other hand! No, i will just go do more laundry instead!
Loving you loving you.

mammasita said...

Wow, thats a hard one I cant do it lol that was fun trying it though!