Friday, July 28, 2006

Eat, Eat, Yum Yum!!

I just came back from the mall and i am very impressed with the fall clothing, well most of it anyway. I love the color rust orange, burnt orange, pumpkin orange, orange-red- whatever you want to call it-and it is every
where! Plus, all the shirts this year are longer cut which is great because i hate tugging things down, and everything it made to layer nicely, which i love. There are so many cozy sweaters in style too. Hmmm, fall!I also went into one really colorful children's clothing store: the children's place. Have you been? Everything is bright bright bright! Orange, green, yellow, pink! And great designs: embrodiered flowers on all the shirts, cute cute crazy fabrics, lots of ruffles and color color color. I must say this sure is going to be a good fashion year for me, and it certainly is a great year to have a little baby to dress! Ahhh, janie baby clothes. That's what i call them! So, i didn't go wacko and buy anything, i just looked and enjoyed. This shirt here is one of my favorites! And all the cute little sweaters to coordinate and little tshirts with awesome prints. I think i need to drag dave there and inspire him to dress Corrina.. these are just the sort of things he likes (the colors, not the shopping!) Oh, and i looovve these ones too! little hippy babies!

Corrina has started to chow down on so many different foods now! She eats banana, sweet potatoes, cereals, carrot, green beans, and peas. I was at the farmers market last weekend and was able to buy some fresh veggies to puree up for her. Lucky little ducky! I had so much fun sifting through people and stands and food and baking at the market and it was tough just to come home with the necesities, but i managed. Candace and i were both saying that we hope to have our own gardens one day so we can grow flowers and veggies, but i think i would miss the fun of going to a market for the things. Last night i saw "the devil wears Prada"... don't go to see it, just rent it if you must. I also watched "She's the Man" with some friends. I have to say that i really liked the movie. It was clean, it was funny, it was a teen age flick yes, but a great one. It had some morals to it even and i think i wil rent that one again! Here is a photo of Corrie with her Grandma Mary! I think one of Corrina's happiest times of the day is when she comes out of the bath tub, is wrapped cozily in a towel, and looks at herself in the bathroom mirror!

My Mom arrives tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to the week of visiting, and of course seeing my mom play with Corrina and such. I really love to show her off. Before Chris and Mary came out i was so excited for them to see Corrina and all the wonderful things she can do, and now i get to be excited all over again for my mom. I tell ya, Corrina is a little show off. She smiles and flirts with anyone, anywhere, except me of course (because i am the evil nap-time mommy.. mwah... no, she loves me too). I think she will be an extreme extravert like me and get alot of energy from others. So fun!
Well, my house needs a sweeping, my dishes a cleaning, dinner and cooking, and i am going over to a friends tonight.
Thanks for reading!


mammasita said...

hey janie,
what mall were you in today? I was down at Portage Place but I guess you werent there as I dont think theres a childens store in there.
I wish we could have gotten together day. Ah well there will be more days.
I hope you have lots of fun with your mom. I sure had fun with mine!
take care

Rachel Z said...

I'm so jealous ... my Zellers isn't very exciting this fall. Or should I say - EVER! The Children's Place is great. Max has had a few gifts sent up from there.

I used to love cozy sweaters until I had to breastfeed wearing one. Too hot and bulky. *sigh* I miss them. But would I trade my babies for sweaters? Never.

Mom Colvin said...

Say Hi to your Mom from us. Tell her to have a blast with you all and to stockpile lots of hugs and fun times with Corrina.

We had such a great time when we visited (both times!). You are good hosts. Maybe some day you will host a foreign student or open a bed and breakfast or just keep on enjoying being sociable with your many friends.

justus said...

Janie, I am sure you will enjoy all the visits from all the family.
There are so many cute little outfits for the wee girls, everywhere I go, I want to buy so many little girl things.
I hope all goes well for you today! I am sure you will be kept very busy!!

Sue said...

Beautiful Clothes Janie, wow, i LOVE that colorful shirt!! i had NO IDEA that the children's place had such a variety of styles, i will have to check one out now!

I hope you had a fab time with your friends, i am a strong advicate of girls nights out! :) They are so energizing, refreshing, and warming to my heart. i have met so many lovely girls since moving here...i feel so blessed. So rich to have people to laugh, talk, reason and be artsy with.

anyway....when you come visit at the time of the Christ-mas...haha...perhaps you shall join me for a girls night out??? card making??? :) love you. from sue

Lori said...

I'm also in love with the orange red's. It's funny cause I wear red every day for work, and then i go and am attracted to the red shirts everywhere, and the rust and deep orange. Kinda funny.
have an awesome time with your mom!

Tammy said...

it's always nice to have familt visit eh? ryan's parents have been here for 5 days and my dad also just got here last night. i am loving having them here..
thanx for posting more photos of baby! :)
love you!
tammy and rawley